Thursday, February 18, 2010

PSF and Bangs

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.
I love to hate it.

I have that really annoying hair that isn't straight, but isn't curly either. I was also blessed with this really stubborn cowlick that makes it impossible to part my hair anywhere but exactly one inch to the right (my right) of dead center.
My mother often tells me that the very first thing she noticed about me was my cowlick. And she tried with all her might to subdue it. She subjected my poor baby hair to product and spray right from the start in an effort to make my hair part on the left. She believed (under the influence of my grandmother, I am sure) that hair was supposed to part on the left and it drove her crazy that mine didn't. I have been driving her crazy like that my whole life, but that is a whole other post!

Mom succeeded with the left part for about as long as it took to snap this picture before the cowlick fought back and ultimately won.

Please take a few moments to ooh and aah over my cuteness...I'll wait.

The presence of the cowlick has seriously limited my style options. My hair has pretty much looked the same my entire life. It has varied in length over time and in recent years, varied in color as well. But for the most part it has been the same.
Any serious variation in my standard haircut has usually involved bangs. And has usually been regretted the instant the hair hit the floor.

The issue with bangs goes back to the cowlick and the impossibly stubborn part. I have always wanted thick, chunky bangs that fell straight forward into my hers:

Unfortunately, my bangs always part on the right just like the rest of my hair. This has not stopped me from trying though. My childhood is peppered with pictures of my failed bangs attempts. (You can see in this picture that my mom is still trying to make my hair part on the left!)

After about age two, we gave up on bangs for the next decade. And when I look back at pictures of my middle school years, I wish we had just let sleeping cowlicks dogs lie. Because what happened next did nothing to help my awkward years.

I decide that I actually could pull off bangs, if I just quit fighting the cowlick. So I feathered them...

Don't laugh.

Every single one of you has a picture at least this heinous hiding in an album at your mom's house. And it probably involves bad bangs too! *shudder*

After letting those grow out, I swore (or maybe my mom did) that I was never cutting bangs again. And I didn't for about 4 years. Until 10th grade. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I didn't feather them but I did still use a curling iron (and a whole can of AquaNet) in order to make them fall straight across my forehead. The effect never lasted past 10am.

Thankfully, I had school pictures taken during first period that year!
Somewhere shortly after this, due to hormones or whatever, I entered the idiot teenager stage. You know what I am talking about...all teenagers are idiots. Even the goody-two-shoes ones, like me.

There can be no other explanation for what I did next...

I let my bff (who in retrospect, had no skill with a pair of scissors whatsoever) cut my bangs.

About an hour before our dates picked us up for prom.

It was not my best look.

I gave up on bangs (again) after that. And I really thought I had kicked the habit this time.

Until Katie Holmes cut her hair.

Then I just had to jump on the bandwagon.

But for the first time, I found bangs that worked. I really liked my Katie Holmes hair and I kept the style (and color) for over a year.

It's been about a year since I let my bangs grow out and I really had no intention of crossing over to the dark side again this soon.

But then my sister came to visit with her new bangs, looking all cute and sassy like Jennifer Garner...and what can I say?

I caved to peer pressure.

They're ba-ack!

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Krystyn said...

I think they rock on you. I have such a dislike for me with bangs. It's awful. My mom convinced me once in high school to do them again and I HATED it. Never again!

And, now, she's trying to convince me to cut Izzy's bangs. How could I even do that to her with her frizzy fro-y hair?

Bren said...

My hair HAS to be parted on the right - no matter WHAT the style is (though I went for several years with the middle part and one side a bit puffier than the other!) My colics are really in the back though and poor Maggie has inherited them! Instant bouffante! I think your hair looks great! Just imagine colics with curls - THAT is something to cry over!

shortmama said...

You are rockin those bangs. I always think I want bangs too until I actually have them

Angie S said...

Nice bangs...I like them.

My hair drives me nuts in that it parts itself on the left. Always has always will. I'd like a little change, but NO!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I wrote an entire post about bangs last summer. I swore I wouldn't cut them. Guess who has bangs now?! Yep. And, I hate them. As always.

Yours look adorable! For the record, I thought all of your pictures were adorable!

Mrs. NB

Robyn Booth said...

The bangs look great on you! I am sure you remember that I had bangs all the way up to our Junior year in HS. It's hard to make the transition for sure and I was so nervous to even get them cut into my layers a couple of years back! the pics and I had totally forgotten about Ashley cutting your bangs right before prom...CLASSIC!

Emily said...

*eye roll* you have great hair and you know it.
I totally have a cowlick too. Fortunately, my hair naturally parts on the left so apparently it wasn't as big of a deal as yours.
I'm just glad we're not going to make the same mistake with our girls' hair and our mothers did with ours! :D

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so pretty : )
Especially loved that 1990 era picture with the big flip bangs : ) They were SO cool, weren't they?
Laughed my head off!

Sierra said...

I'm with you on the whole Katie Holmes thing - so loved that haircut.
I'm with the rest of the crew- the bangs look amazing and I love them with your hair color.

Raise Them Up said...

There's not a single bad picture, in my opinion. :) You have beautiful hair and I happen to think that mousy bangs that always hang straight are highly over rated. Trust me.

Cecily R said...

And I thought (in the beginning of this post) that I had a lame bang sister. I can't keep bangs to save my life because my hair is so thin (even though I have a ton of it). If I wanted the kind of Punky bangs you were talking about I'd have to cut half my hair into bangs.

I haven't had bangs since I quit the cupcake bangs and Aquanet.

But yours...yours look great in every singe picture. Rude.

Chris said...

I have a love/hate relationship with hair too -- but mostly hate. It's trying to abandon me.

I feel massively unqualified to comment on your new 'do, but I think you pull off Jennifer Garner just terrifically :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I could have written a post very similar. Only mine split right down the middle and I can't get them to no do that! I feel your pain! I do like your last two shots.

Emmy said...

I have practically the same cowlick! Mine is just more right in the middle of my bangs. I can do the side-swipe bangs but nothing else other wise it is back!

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

That is so funny you posted on this, hair has been on my mind and nerves lately. I used to say I would rathre go tot her dentist than get my hair cut. Well, it has been way too long and I want a new do. All of your pictures were darling by the way. I did stop to admire the cuteness of each. Cracks me up about you mom!

Kmama said...

I mentioned my hair in my post yesterday too. I CAN'T do bangs. With curly hair, they are like spirals. So then to straighten them makes them into the tunnel bangs. It's just not good. Not good at all.

I like the bangs on you. They look good...of course, you also looked good without.

Buddy has a cowlick on either side of his forehead, so his bangs go to a "v". It drives me bonkers.

Cyndi said...

Love the bangs, I went in for the whole Jennifer Garnier cut a year ago and chopped all my hair instead! Isn't it funny how most everyone hates their hair! I always wanted to do the part in the middle. However, running into a corner as a child, left a scar and I have no other option but to part my hair on the left!

Lolli said...

I can't do bangs. Drive me crazy. Probably because I also wanted the fall straight down bangs and couldn't have them. I also have some killer cowlicks, and my bangs will not lay down or fall straight.

J.J. said...

Ooh! I love the bangs. I just had bangs cut in December. I can never make up my mind with that. I love them for a while...then I will grow them back out.

Rachel said...

You totally crack me up... I loved all the pictures and you were a most adorable little girl!

I can't do bangs. At all. For the same reason.

And I'm telling you... my wavy-mind-of-its-own hair is now making up for 10 years of ballet.

(I'm not brave enough to post my middle school picture of me with bangs and an entire bottle of Sun-In dumped on my head.. You're far braver than I! :)