Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mommy Dearest

I am starting to think that the general population may have been too hard on Joan Crawford.
I mean, is tying your children to the bed at night really all that bad?
Because I am seriously considering going that route with one of my children. Can you guess which one? It's not just that she comes into my room every.single.night and wakes me up. It's the screaming temper tantrums that follow being taken back to her own room. Tantrums that often wake up everyone else in the family.
Last night I literally had to lie on top of her to keep her from hurting herself (or me) while she kicked and screamed. Once she calmed down, she just whimpered and cried every time I tried to leave her.
I don't know what has caused this behavior. She doesn't seem scared. Just determined.
I need more coffee...


Emily said...

EJ, stop driving your mommy insane!

What happens if Daddy goes in? Frequently my children listen to Alex better than me!

Kelli said...

Now I have "no wire hangers!" in my head. That is tough and I'm sure BEYOND frustrating. Can you get ear plugs? I wish I had a solution for you.

Kmama said...

Don't hate me...but Buddy will NOT get out of his bed. If he needs water, he calls me to get it for him. It was great as he transitioned to his twin bed...but now that he's five, I wouldn't mind him getting up and getting his own water!

I'm sure you've tried everything you feel that is reasonable. I had a friend put those child locks/door handle cover thingies on her child's door to keep her in her room. once she realized she couldn't get out, she stopped trying. I know some people don't like the "lock" idea though.

I have a feeling Buster might be my challenging one when it comes to that, because at 2 he's still waking up crying the majority of the nights. He's the payback child.

Emmy said...

So sorry... I wish I knew some magical solution for you. I guess just hope that this time will pass quickly.

shortmama said...

I was up with layla last night too. Im hoping hers was just because she is sick but oh man it was rough!

Angie S said...


We have a similar sitution in our household lately.

Last night I told Layla I was going to put a lock on the outside of her door. She got up three times with in 30 minutes of us putting her to bed.

This morning during breakfast she asked if I was really going to put a lock on her door. At least she remembered.

She said if I did she would teetee in her bed b/c she couldn't get to the toilet...locked in her room.


I need more coffee too.

Sierra said...

I am so sorry. I wish I had a solution - but all I can do is apologize and pray for the benadryl fairy to visit. Mostly kidding.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Tying is bad?

Since I am the ultimate example of great mothering, I will gave you the advice you didn't ask for. Tell that child to get into bed and don't put up with any nonsense.

This is SO much funnier if you could see the exhausted woman typing it. I'm exhausted because Kyleigh thinks our bed is hers and it's EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Sometimes twice when we've had enough energy to drag her back to her own bed.

Where's Jo Frost when you need her?