Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UnNatural Organics?

So the other day I was at one of my least favorite places buying formula for John.

I really love formula. We are both so much happier now that he is on a bottle.

I am loving wearing regular bras for the first time in...well really 5 years. And John is just thrilled to latch on to a nipple and actually receive sustenance from the other end. He doesn't miss nursing too much. Occasionally he will still take a nosedive towards the girls when we are snuggling, but I am pretty sure he is just copping a feel. I mean you do remember his Indian name, right?

So back to Target...I was in the baby aisle and I saw this:

Really? Organic formula?

Is it just me or does that seem like an oxymoron?

It's formula.

A man-made, chemical imitation of breast milk.

Do people actually pay the extra money for an already overpriced item just because it says organic on the label?

That just seems silly to me.

If you want organic formula, don't go to Target.

Check your bra.

Organic formula is sometimes also called breast milk.

Just sayin'


blueviolet said...

You have such a valid point there!!!!

Jen said...

LOL! You are so right!

Kelli said...

Great point...well said.

Angie S said... formula...silly people what are they thinking?

I saw your tweet this morning and it totally cracked me up b/c Layla only eats the marshmellows out of her Lucky Charms too....drives me bonkers!!

Kmama said...

Ahh, that cracks me up. I'm so not the organic type, but I did nurse Buster for a year.

I seriously can't believe people would pay more for an already outrageously priced item.

McMom said...

Okay, that's really funny. Could have been a Seinfeld epidsode . . . "What's the deal with organic formula?"

shortmama said...

That is nuts!

Rachel said...

OhMyLord... I can only imagine how much that stuff costs!

I was sooo agreeing and giggling with you by the time you got to the last point!

Congrats on getting your girls back!

Momisodes said...

Wow. I haven't seen that!

You raise a very good point.

Emily said...

hahaha! I'm totally going to tell people that I used organic formula for my babies now.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...


Mrs. NB

Kristin said...

We used Good Start and were really happy with it. And the day he went on formula was bliss!!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow. Great point.
Enjoy your new freedom!