Thursday, January 7, 2010

PSF- We Are the Champions

It has taken me a long time to consider Florida home.
I grew up in Alabama and I just loved everything about it! I never thought I would leave the South.
(For those of you scratching your heads at my geography skills, I am aware that latitudinally Florida is south of Alabama. But trust me, it is not part of the South.)
Anyways. The years have passed and I have come to love Florida. But I still missed my home state sometimes.
Like during football season.

I am especially missing it tonight because for the first time since 1992, my alma mater, the University of Alabama played in the National Championship game.
And we WON!!!

The only thing that could have made this victory sweeter for me would have been if my husband had surprised me with tickets to Pasadena I had watched the game with other Bama fans.

Instead I watched it with an FSU fan, two Gators, two Mizzou Tigers, two USF Bulls and 2 Steelers fans that don't even really follow college ball. (love you guys!)
So I am celebrating all by myself. Since the only other Bama fans in the house are currently asleep. I can always count on these three to cheer on the Tide with me!

Of course, they will pretty much do anything for a cupcake!!

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Cecily R said...

I know they weren't all cheering WITH you, but don't you all look fabulous in your fan gear!!

Congrats to the Tide. Even if you were cheering by your lonesome, I bet you had a GREAT time tonght!!

shortmama said...

Congrats to your team! I dont follow college football either, just NFL

Kmama said...

That's about the prettiest cupcake i've ever seen!! Yum!

Great pictures, and congrats on your team winning!!

Kelli said...

I was rooting for Alabama up here in Ohio. Glad your team won!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am NOT showing that cupcake to Sweet Pea ;0)

Mrs. NB

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Glad your team won and glad that you had friends to hang out and watch the game (even if they weren't fans). The cupcake is awesome!

Summer said...

Alright...I was going to leave this post alone and graciously let you have your "victory glory"...but, I just have to say my piece.

If Colt hadn't gotten hurt in the first quarter, there is a VERY strong chance that Texas would have won. And, the fact that we had a freshman QB in there and were STILL holding our own, I must say, I am very proud of UT.

Now...I know...a win is a win...and congrats to your team...BUT...let's face the really wasn't a "real" game.

There...I've said my piece..haha...(all in fun) ;)

(oh..and your little munchkins do look adorable in their gear)

Krystyn said...

I have a feeling you still had a great time, even if you all weren't fans of the same team!

Emily said...

Well, the only nice comment I could think of was to tell you your cupcakes are tasty looking. :)
If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all....

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

Mmmmm cupcakes. I'd cheer for them for one of those. ;) I don't follow football, but it looks like you had fun even cheering "alone".

Momisodes said...

I heard they won! That is so exciting!!!

And Gators and Seminoles? Boooooooooo...

Go 'Canes! :D

Brandi said...

Yes, it was a good night in our house! ROLL TIDE! :)

Love the cupcakes!

Chris said...

Congratulations to Alabama -- it was quite a season!.

(And I'll refrain from mentioning last year's Sugar Bowl :) -- hey, I live in Utah).

So exactly how do you and Emily reconcile your differing college football loyalties?

imbeingheldhostage said...

You're so fun. I'd sit and cheer with you, even if I did have no idea what was going on :-)
(I do anything for a cupcake too apparently)

Angie S said...

I have NOTHING to say about the game :(

You four looks so cute sitting on the couch that pic!!

Kristin said...

ICK. Go Gators...Ok, ok. I concede. The Tide deserved the title. : )

Nicole said...

now THAT is a good looking cupcake