Thursday, December 10, 2009

Word Vomit

Also titled "Conversations with Libby"
I spend a lot of time talking to a preschooler. Actually, I spend a lot of time being talked at by a preschooler. Libby's daily word quota is very high.

Luckily, my bff has also been blessed with a talker so we are able to sympathize with (and laugh about) the sheer volume of word vomit chatter that is spewed directed at us daily.

Here is an example of some of Libby's most recent word vomit conversation with me:
Let me set the scene. We were sitting in the sunroom this morning. I was having my coffee and Emma Jane (who is still sick) was curled up in my lap and alternately coughing and moaning.

So Libby says to me, while wearing her very best sad face: "Mommy, why is Emma Jane just keep being sadder than me?"
Me (suppressing a huge eye roll): "Libby, Emma Jane is not sad. She is just very sick."

Brad pipes up and says, "Has she ever been this sick before?"

Me: "Not since the ski trip from hell she got the stomach flu at my sister's.

Libby: "No Mommy, that was ME that got sick at Aunt Catie's house!"

Me: "Actually Libby it was both of you."

Libby: "Remember when I was frowing up at Aunt Catie's and I had to frow up in a pot? That was silly!"

Me: Actually I remember you missing the pot..."

Libby: "Yeah, I just did a lot of frowing up. I wonder were Aunt Catie's house just is."

Me: "It's in New Hampshire." (Just like it always has been!)

Libby: "I just haven't gone to Aunt Catie's house in a thousand weeks. It snows there. And is really cold. Mommy, do you think Santa is going to bring me any princess stuff this Christmas? It is just almost Christmas time and I really want some princess things. Pleeease!"

Me: "I am sure Santa will bring you some princess things."

Libby: "I only have three Princess Aurora pull ups left. I need to get some more. Will you buy me some at the grocery store?"

Me: "yes, we are going to the store today."

Libby: "I wonder if there are any princesses besides just Princess Aurora. Are you going to get me some other princess pull ups? I did stay dry all night a couple of nights ago but then I tee teed in it so I still need to wear pull ups at night."
(At this point I have stopped responding because she is not so much talking to me as to the universe in general.)

Libby continues: "Emma Jane still wears diapers so she doesn't need any princess pull ups. Did Emma Jane pick out a present for me at the Disney store yesterday? Can I have it for Christmas? Don't tell me what it is! I told Emma Jane about her present, but she won't amember so it is okay."

And this monologue continued for at least another ten minutes. It ended with Libby saying "Mommy, why does your head hurt?"
I wonder...


Kelli said...

The last question is a classic! I've had conversations just like that before.

Kmama said...

Ahh, my oldest is the same way...and he's a boy. My nephew once went on a short car ride with us and Buddy talked THE ENTIRE TIME. My nephew asked if the "energizer bunny" ever stopped talking.

Love her last question to you!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

My oldest is a talker just like that...except because he is a boy...he talks about cars and trucks and boogers! At some point I have to tune him out or I will go crazy!!

Emily said...

ROTF...I can totally hear that conversation now!
I sent Jack to play in his room the other day and I could actually hear him having a conversation with himself through the ceiling. It's like I can't get away from the word vomit!

Summer said...

BHAHAHAHAHA! Greatness.....

blueviolet said...

I totally remember those days. I really felt sure my head would explode!

shortmama said...

My oldest still talks on and on and on like that and she is almost 8!

Angie S said...

That is my house...holy cow we must live in the same house...

Layla is so totally random just like that. HA!!!

Krystyn said...

Holy moly. I'm exhausted just reading that.

Megan R. said...

ahahahahaha!! That was priceless! Thanks for the laugh!

Nocona said...

I have one of these too! Do they have the Fancy Nancy books? That had added vocaulary to my little talker.

Jackie at 3littleones said...

Hahaha!!! I can so relate! My almost 4 year old son is such a talker (NEVER shuts up!) and now my 2 year old daughter seems to be joining the club....I think it will be a long time before we can enjoy any real peace & quiet :)