Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's the third Thurday in November

Which means that in just one week, 7 short days, it will be the fourth Thursday in November.

More commonly referred to as Thanksgiving.

While I realize that this is not exactly breaking news, it is something of a shock. To me.

Not that Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November. That happens every year like clockwork. The same way that Christmas comes every year on December 25th.

What is shocking is that it is already Thanksgiving. Wasn't Labor Day like two weeks ago? I am completely unprepared for Thanksgiving. Which I will be hosting for my in laws this year.

Well not completely unprepared. I did pick up my turkey yesterday. All 16 and a half pounds of it! I ordered a 12-16 lb turkey and I got all of that plus half a pound. To feed 4 adults and 2 children.

Maybe I really don't need sides. There will be plenty to eat with just the turkey. In that case, I guess I am ready for Thanksgiving.

Of course, I still have to cook said turkey...


Kelli said...

Whoa baby...16lbs! Thanksgiving did seem to sneak up on us, I agree.

JennyMac said...

That cartoon cracked me up. While I love love love to cook..traditional thanksgiving foods are my least favorite of the year. LOL. Seriously. My Hub too. I hope our son doesnt pick up on it.

Anna said...

You are very brave to host Thanksgiving. Thankfully, my mom still hosts. Our family is huge so there will be 3 turkeys probably all about that size. Hosting something as major as Thanksgiving would be very scary. My family takes their food very seriously. Good luck :)

Emily said...

I don't have to do anything for Thanksgiving except chill at the beach. However, I'm freaking out b/c I'm apparently the one person ever who hasn't finished (or started!) their Christmas shopping!

Summer said...

I LOOOOVE Thanksgiving!!! Oh man...the turkey, dressing, cranberry relish, pecan pie, pumpkin pie....mmmmm....I bake like a maniac this time of year!!!

I can't WAIT until next week!

But, yes...I agree with you...HOW IN THE WORLD IS IT ALREADY HERE?!! Where has this year gone???

shortmama said...

I am unprepared this year too...its sneaking up on me fast!

Angie S said...

Love the comic!

And yes I too am in awe of the whole time flying thing...SLOW DOWN!!!

blueviolet said...

I can't believe it's here either. It's scary because the second it's behind us, Christmas is practically the next day.

Krystyn said...

We are even more behind. Here's hoping they have a turkey when we go to the store. Where do you order a turkey and why? Just curious. We always get ours at the store.

And, we always end up with the 16 pounder!

Rachel said...

Oh girl, there's nothing wrong with a big turkey! Wait, that sounded weird.

I mean, I'm one of those girls who LOVES leftover turkey for a week :)

Love the cartoon! Gotta get me one of those Girl Manuals!