Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'll tell you no lies

My brain is dead and my kids (and husband) have not been providing me with the usual (and obvious) blogworthy material lately. Yo fam, what gives? Mommy has Snellings Stalkers that must be fed regularly!
So I am borrowing a page from better bloggers and offering you a Q&A post. Ask me anything and I will answer you honestly to the best of my ability. I mean, if you start asking me questions about nuclear physics I will probably have to make up an answer, but questions about me, my family, Twilight, etc will all be answered truthfully.
So ask away...I know you have been dying to know!


Granna said...

If your family isn't doing anything noteworthy, how about sharing what God is doing in your life?? He's never on vacation and is endlessly fascinating. After all, He made those people you love so much.

Emily said...

Hm, I'm pretty sure I already know everything. Including stuff your husband wished I didn't! *snicker, snicker*
What do you love most about Edward?

Kelli said...

How do you and Emily keep your friendship you talk on the phone always, email, visit a lot. I'm curious because I have a lot of out of town friends and I need to be better about staying in touch.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

When (if!) you have down time, what do you choose to do for YOURSELF?

Summer said...

Which was your favorite Twilight book and why??? :)

Krystyn said...

Edward or Jacob? Why?

What color are your toenails (if painted)?

How did you come up with your kids' names?

What is your favorite thing about your hubby?

Angie S said...

Since I am always all about food, What is your favorite thing to cook?
Do you have a go to meal when evenings are crazy?
How is having a boy after 2 girls different? Are the girls little mommy's?
When do you have time to read? I have the 1st Twilight book on my book shelf and still haven't read the whole thing yet...I know if I'd read it I'd prob. like it.

Ok, I'll stop asking now. I'm nosey.

blueviolet said...

Do you know how many times I've started writing a question and then backspaced it off? I've got nothing.