Saturday, October 24, 2009

I know I can't dance

But at least I am a lot funnier than the writers of the SYTYCD live tour "filler dialogue."

Last night, I went with my good friends, Ashley and Morgan, to see the So You Think You Can Dance tour show.
Here is a really bad picture of us before it started. I am not really sure what is going on with my chin?
Here is a cuter shot of me, courtesy of Ashley's camera:
In between every single number two of the dancers would come out on stage and do this little mini skit to introduce the next dance. These skits were clearly supposed to be funny.
But the weren't.
Even a little bit.
It was actually painful to watch at times.
Especially since no one in the audience laughed during the staged "let the audience laugh" pauses.
Plus, all of the chitty-chat made the show drag on for three hours! It was way too long when all I wanted was to relive some of my favorite dances from the season.
But as far as the dancing went, the show was awesome! And from the line up, it was pretty clear that Kayla should have won. She danced in every other number. Jeanine only danced like 3 times. (And I am not only saying that because I wanted Kayla to win...well, maybe not.)

Here is one of the (non-Kayla) highlights of the night: Evan and Randi's "butt dance."
(Also courtesy of Ashley's camera.)
Really, Evan is just so cute. I want to pinch him.

Over all, it was a really fun night out with the girls. And a few random guys that were dragged along by their girls. Or that secretly wish they could dance...
The audience was almost as fun to watch as the dancers! But I will save my thoughts on the importance of mirrors for another day.

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shortmama said...

Never have seen the show but sounds like you had a great time!

Emily said...

I love to people watch when I go to places like that. And I just have to say, that now I know I'm too freakin' old to try oubt, I'm boycotting both SYTYCD and American Idol!

blueviolet said...

I would love to see that on tour! I wonder why they feel they have to drag the show out with all those interludes.

JennyMac said...

Sounds like fun..and the pics of you and your friends are fantastic! You look great.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

No matter what, you gotta love a girl's night out!

Mrs. Nurse Boy