Monday, October 19, 2009

Going to the Chapel...for some Wedding Cake!

On Saturday, my mother remarried.
The weeks leading up to this blessed event have been emotional ones for me. It is just weird when one of your parents is in love with someone that isn't one of your parents. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for my mother and I sincerely wish her and Dan all the best. But it was still hard watching her marry someone else.
Okay, enough of making myself cry. Moving on to the good stuff...
I ate 3 pieces.
(yeah, yeah...Body after Baby...whatever!)

Libby and Emma Jane couldn't wait for the ceremony to be over so that they could dig into the cake. They had to be watched like hawks until it was cut!

Libby thought it was so good, she didn't let a single smear of icing go to waste. (That's my girl!)

Emma Jane seems less impressed with her piece...although she might be crying because Libby got a little too close to her plate! My baby does not share food!
On a side note, I don't have any pictures of the ceremony because my cousin, Missy, was the official photographer but as soon as I get some I will post them. Until then, here is the only shot of my mom that I have. Doesn't she look beautiful on her wedding day!


Ashley said...

Oh Wow! Your mom really does look beautiful. The picture of Libby licking the plate cracked me up.

blueviolet said...

Your mom is stunning! How wonderful!

The girls are funny!

Krystyn said...

Wow...your girls really don't fool around with the cake, do they?

And, your mom looks beautiful.

Angie S said...

I would probably lick the cake plate too. I love wedding cake it is my favorite cake.

Your mom looks very pretty and her flowers are pretty too.

Emily said...

Your mom does look beautiful. Don't worry about the three pieces of cake...I'm sure you needed all three to keep your emotions in check so they were totally necessary calories. And I can't believe I didn't talk to you all better call me tomorrow!

Bren said...

Congratulations to your mom - she looks beautiful! One of the best parts of our reception was our wedding cake! It was soooo yummy - even a year later. I think I ate two pieces at my own wedding!

Vanessa said...

I know how hard it must have been to watch your mom get remarried. I remember feeling the same way when my dad got remarried. I'd like to say it goes away but I'm not quite there yet. But I'm sure that has something to do with my attention loving and overly dramatic self. haha

Libby and EJ are cracking me up with their cake!! Love it!

Kelli said...

My husband would be so proud of Libby! Your mother looks beautiful.

Cate Tuten said...

Hey Lauren! I was hoping one of y'all would post something about the wedding. I thought about your Mama all weekend, but I thought about your daddy too! How we all loved him! Dr. Lane and I still miss him so much. It is REALLY hard to move on. We too are having trouble accepting your mother married to anyone else. Yet, life here on earth moves on, and so must we! You are a wonderful daughter for being unselfish, and wanting your mother's happiness, as we all do! The way I see it your daddy is in heaven, and your Mom is in heaven on earth!! Love to all of you, Cate