Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Body After Baby - Week 2

One week down, 7 to go!
I never realized just how much water I was missing until I started writing it down. It's not that I drink other things, like Diet Coke or tea, all day long. I just don't drink much at all. I really had to make myself drink lots of water and most days I still didn't hit my 8 glasses a day goal. Out of 56 possible points for the mini challenge, I earned 44. On average, I drank about 6 glasses of water a day, which was still way up from my previous 2 or 3!
The toughest part about this week though was giving up sweets. I failed miserably by the way! Three times last week, I had dinner in a social setting which almost always means dessert! I have come to realize that when it isn't in my house or right in front of me, I have no trouble not eating sweets. But, if there is a cookie in my line of vision it is all but impossible for me not to eat it!
This week the Body After Baby mini-challenge is to walk more. 15 minutes of walking or running equals 1 point with a possible 4 points per day. This one is going to be really bad for me because I don't walk or run. (Unless being chased!)
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Emily said...

well, now you can put that double jogger to use! After all...you had to travel to the hood to get it!

blueviolet said...

I'm most impressed with your water drinking! I drink that amount of diet coke a day.

heidi said...

Ugh. Water. I get so tired of drinking water. I wish that water tasted like martini's or beer or something. Then I'd be all over it.

I need to get back on this band wagon. I was a size 8/10 on April 22nd, got to add dairy back into my diet in June and now I'm a size 10/12 again. Isn't that utterly repulsive?