Tuesday, September 1, 2009

wrong number

Wrong numbers are just a fact of life.

We have all misdialed at one time or another. I always try to handle those situations with grace. If I have done the misdialing, I always apologize and say goodbye before hanging up. And when someone mistakenly calls me, so long as that person is polite, I am pleasant in return.

But, one way to tick me off in a hurry is to call me by mistake and then be rude about it. Example:

*phone rings*

Me: Hello

Wrong Number: Who is this?

Me: Excuse me, whom are you trying to reach?

Wrong Number: I want to talk to soandso.

Me: I think you have the wrong number.


Manners, people!! Would it have been so hard to say "Oh, I'm sorry. good-bye."

But even worse than the abrupt hang-up is when Mr. Wrong Number tries to argue with me about whether or not he dialed the wrong number. Really, dude? If I am not the person you were trying to reach, isn't it obvious that you did in fact dial incorrectly? Do you really think I have your friend/relative/etc. held hostage somewhere?

But, as I said wrong numbers are just a fact of life and they are going to happen.
What really blows my mind is when wrong numbers leave messages. I say quite clearly in my voicemail message "You have reached Lauren." On my home answering machine, I again say quite clearly, "You have reached the Snellings house."

So I was a little surprised and honestly annoyed at this message that I received on my cell phone today:

"Hi, hon. It's mom." (It is so not my mom's voice!) "I haven't talked to you in, well, a really long time and I just wanted to see how you are. Um, please call me back. I really want to hear from you. My number is 562-XXX-XXXX. bye."

Really? Has it been so long since you talked to your daughter that you don't remember what her voice sounds like or what her name is!!
Is that normal??? Or am I right, and this person was just an idiot?


Kelli said...

Clearly someone who is not thinking (or hearing) correctly. Strange.

Anna said...

Aren't wrong numbers fun? Not. Our home phone used to be one digit different than walmart, so you can just imagine the really interesting wrong numbers we used to get. One guy asked me if I was sure that I wasn't Walmart, three times. Uhh, let me check, no.

Emily said...

Ok, this is the second time I've heard this story and I still laughed out loud! I really think you need to call "mom" back and talk to her about this...I mean, seriously, is she like, on glue or something?!

Summer said...

Ok...this has me laughing out loud! Seriously....is this her long lost daughter or something? I mean...does she think she changed her name? Or, maybe you're just lucky enough to have the same name as her daughter?


Krystyn said...

Seriously, I would call her back. Who doesn't know their mom's number?

Can I add to your list? I hate it when people only have the number on their answering machine. I call parents all the time and I have no idea if it's the right person at that number (they are constantly changing their numbers) if they don't say their name.

Angie S said...

HA!! I like it when people call and think I am someone else...I just play along. The best is when I argued with someone about calling me during dinner time. It was a telemarketer and I had her going asking her if she would appreciate me calling her during dinner. She finally hung up on me. heehee

shortmama said...

I always wonder the same thing when people leave a message on voicemail. I mean what were you doing while my voice was telling you who I am?

Foursons said...

Wow, that's interesting!

Cyndi said...

I love the fact that she left her number!!! HILARIOUS!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

We have the same thing happen around here. Apparently, people have really short attention spans... like non exsistent!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

heidi said...

Complete idiot.

Mr. Daddy said...

AAAAhhhhh yes they walk among us and are allowed to reproduce......

SHOCKING isn't it????

Sierra Rix said...

Laughing so hard - just had 2 messages in a row from a dr who has an opening for botox treatment.

A. I'd sooner stick rancid mayo from my own fridge under my skin and i don't have a real urge to do that

B. Either they misdialed 2x or the person gave the wrong number and doesn't really want botox.

Rachel said...

I am in shock. And really confused.

What a crazy message to get! It's actually kinda sad, no?

I hear ya on the people who think they dialed correctly. My poor parents are always getting calls from elderly people trying to reach the pharmacy... which it WAS the pharmacy number TWENTY-FIVE years ago. So you can imagine the conversations. Whoo boy - don't tick off someone who obviously already needs medication!

Thanks for sharing... still shaking my head, haha.

Sabrina @ Twiggles and Trunks said...

i am so guilty of causing many a wrong number fiasco. i only hope the people looking for me were polite to the lady they'd been calling.