Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pontificating on Procreating (part 1)

I had dinner with some girlfriends last night and the topic of birth control and having babies came up. Actually, I brought it up because it has been on my mind a lot lately. I feel like I am at a crossroads and none of the directions feels like the right one but just sitting down in the intersection isn't really an option either.

In order for all of this to make sense, I feel as though I should share the story of how Brad and I got the three kids we have. I mean, not the details of how we got them because you know this is a G rated blog. Sometimes PG when I am dealing with idiots in cars or Verizon, but mostly G rated.

Anywho. So this story starts back when Hubs and I were dating. Contrary to popular culture, we waited until we were married to do the deed. So during the 14 months between our first date and our wedding date, my preferred method of birth control was not doin' it. Pretty effective.

As our wedding approached, I was really horny totally frustrated, sexually speaking anticipating our forthcoming marital union with excitement! And I realized that since in the near future we would be doin' it alot, I should probably get on the pill. So I called a gyn doc and made an appointment. I walked out with a prescription.

Fast forward through lots of wedding showers and dress fittings and one wild and crazy somewhat fun bachelorette party to January 24, 2004. My wedding day! Like any responsible, almost sexually active young woman, the first thing I did that morning was take my little pill. Then, because I wanted to continue being responsible, I put the pack in my purse so that I would have easy access to it on the plane the following day.

Unfortunately, I didn't actually look in my purse again until Friday when I was packing up to leave Paradise.

OOPS! *insert major freakout*

When the crimson wave finally came crashing onto the shore a couple of weeks later, we did a little happy dance. From then on I kept my pills next to my toothbrush and diligently took it every day. The next few months were filled with jackrabbit-like consummation until one day Brad looked at me and said, "What happened to you? You aren't the woman I fell in love with and married! You used to be fun, and happy...and NICE!"

Say what?

Oh, did I forget to mention that in between the bouts of frantic fornication I was behaving like a complete lunatic! I was irritable, cranky, emotional and just a downright b*tch! Just as Brad was on the verge of divorcing me, I had an epiphany. Or maybe he did...I can't remember. Anyways, one of us realized that there was a pattern to my insanity. While I was mildly unpleasant all the time, I took the craziness up about ten notches during the third week of the month. Hmmm...

So, Brad and I decided the best thing to do would be for me to get on another pill since the one I had was turning me into Mrs. Hyde. I got a recommendation from a friend of mine and called up a gyn doc. Apparently this doc was the coolest boy in school in the land of obstetrics because since I wasn't pregnant it was going to take about 4 months to get in to see him.

In the mean time, I stopped taking the pill and started using the rhythm method. For those of you that don't know what that means, I just started counting the days in between my periods and hoped that I got it right avoided s.e.x. while ovulating. That worked pretty well for several months and since I was feeling like myself again, I decided going back on the pill was a bad idea.

And then in the Fall of 2004 their was a 6 week time period in which the state of Florida was pounded by four hurricanes in a row. The power went out alot...

You know during a black out, there is really only so much that two people can do to pass the time so it is possible that we were completely reckless less than careful.

Long story short, Libby showed up 9 months later. Along with about 30 of her friends. We refer to them as the Hurricane Babies.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this riveting tale of love, sex and contraception. I can tell you are on the edge of your seat!


shortmama said...

LOL I definitely cant wait to hear the rest of the story!

Angie S said...

Ha! Cuteness...can't wait for the rest :)

Ehrenfelds said...

YAY!!! I too have a hurricane baby :)

Boy, I miss Florida :(

Emily said...

Ok, I've already rolled my eyes so many times I'm sacred they're going to get stuck up there when I read Part 2!

Krystyn said...

Can't wait to hear about part 2! Maybe you guys need a metronome to keep your rhythm? Sorry...could't resist.

I have an IUD....I don't notice the hormonal changes like the pill.

heidi said...

ROb and I discuss this a lot. In fact, we were discussing it last night. I guess it all depends on your beliefs and how BC fits into them. We, personally, believe in not using BC in any chemical form. We also don't use the IUD (I did, for awhile!) because it doesn't always prevent conception, just implantation. We've done NFP in the past and that's our favored method of BC. Like you, though, I'm sitting in the middle of the intersection and people are honkin. It's all kind of coming down to" Do we trust God, or not?

I dunno. We read books and we look up the relevant scriptures and there's praying happening (usually after sex by me - HA!) we just don't know where we're going to end up.

Looking forward to part 2.

John Deere Mom said...

Emily's comment cracked me up! Can't wait to hear more. Oh, and you got married on my birthday! :)

Kim said...

I just wanted to give a shout out for hurricane babies. I've got a cute one. :)

Oh, and, yes, I am on pins and needles to hear part two of this post!

Kelli said...

Yeah sometimes that rhythm doesn't work out...case in point, Caleb!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

It's kind of entertaining reading up on other people's "intimate" lives. You're a brave woman! I started reading Part 3 and then decided to start at Part 1 first. I think that was a smart idea. ;)