Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Awesome giveaways

Is there anything better than free stuff?

yes...free SHOES!! Free shoes are always the best! And luckily, free shoes are up for grabs! Megan from Newly Wed, Newly Bred is hosting an incredible Jack and Lily giveaway. Jack and Lily make the cutest baby shoes. This is the pair I want when if I win:

Emma Jane is going to look so cute in those!!

Now as if free shoes weren't enough, Megan is also hosting an Earthlust giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a stainless steel water bottle courtesy of Earthlust. This is the one I am going to win want:

Now Megan has already told me that I pretty much have it in the bag for both of these giveaways so there is really no point in any of you entering, but if you just want to check out her awesome blog you can click on any of the giveaway links above.

But seriously don't waste your time entering...it will just make it that much harder for me to win!

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