Friday, July 17, 2009

Tiny Bubbles

I don't love housework.

Alright, I down right hate it!

But laundry has always been the exception. I don't mind laundry (althought sometimes I wish I could actually get it all done!) In fact, I enjoy it.

So when I started using cloth diapers the additional laundry it would require didn't phase me at all. (And 7 months later, I still really haven't noticed the increase.) The most difficult part of cloth diaper laundering is picking a good detergent. Most name brand detergent cannot be used with cloth diapers because additives such as fabric softeners, perfumes, brighteners, and stain guards leave residues that can lead to leaking diapers, rashes, and odor problems. I really stressed about picking a detergent that would be harmful to my diapers but would still get all my laundry clean!

The Natural Baby Company (geniuses behind the fabulous GroBaby diapers!) has created a solution: Tiny Bubble Detergent! This detergent is the total package! It's safe for cloth diapers, gentle on sensitive skin (an issue in my family) and eco-friendly! Plus, at about $0.22 a load, it is easy on the wallet!

I am so excited about trying Tiny Bubbles, I am probably going to stalk the mail carrier until my box arrives!


shortmama said...

You like the one chore that I hate!! I will come do your dishes if you will do all my laundry! Please? No? Is this thing on?

Emily said...

You're such a laundry nut. But I'm glad to know that Charlie's bottom will be clothed in the freshest of diapers this weekend! lol

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

All I can think of is that old song by the same name .... hee hee!

I don't mind laundry either. It's an easy chore because the machines do everything but fold and put away!

Pam said...

Can't wait to hear how the new stuff works for you. And you're not alone regarding stalking your mail
carrier. I've been on tracking my Charlie's everyday since getting my confirmation email Friday. Can't wait to hear that big, old truck rumble to a stop at my house!