Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So maybe mommy doesn't know everything!

Privacy pretty much went out the window when I became a mother. I don't remember that last time I got 5 minutes of uninterrupted shower time. There is always someone who needs to know where she dropped her lovey, or where the keys are or just when I am gong to get out!

This morning, Libby and EJ decided that rather than just pressing their little faces against the glass, opening the door and climbing in would be more fun! Thankfully, I have a big shower. Unfortunately, (for me), the first words out of Libby's mouth are "Mommy, the water is too hot!" (Yeah. That's the way mommy likes it!) So enter lukewarm water.

Then I gave the girls a bar of soap to keep them occupied. (Can you see where this is going?)
All was well for a few minutes, until EJ got a little itch on her face! The next thing I know she is screaming and rubbing her (soapy) hands in her eyes! Luckily the shower head is detachable so I was able to spray her right in the face, which she didn't really like either but it got the job done!

She quickly calmed down. Her vision is still intact. And Mommy learned a obvious valuable lesson: Giving a bar of soap to a two-year-old is not a good idea!


Krystyn said...

Learn something new everyday, don't we?

Emily said...

Did they get nekked beforehand and plan on joining you or did they get in with their jammies on?

Kelli said...

I thought the same thing Emily asked. Well at least they are clean and maybe no need to bath tonight! Oh, I tagged you on my blog.

Tonya said...

I hear ya on the uninterrupted anything! I have a baby pointing at the screen saying cute about your girls pictures on the side! She should be sleeping :)

shortmama said...

Sometimes its the little things that make us say...duh! LOL

heidi said...

Oops. That's a Helpful Hint from Lauren if I ever heard one. LOL

Darned lukewarm showers, anyway.