Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nature calling

At 3:30am.

In a very loud voice.

Libby has recently stopped wearing pullups at night. She has only had one accident since then and that was on the way to the potty, not in her bed. (thank goodness! There is nothing worse than changing the sheets at midnight!)

Most nights she has to get up to go potty at some point and she likes me to go with her. Usually she just comes into my room and taps my shoulder to wake me up.

Last night, she walked into my room, stopped at the foot of my bed and shouted, "Mommy! Where are you?"

Really, Libby?

Where do you think I am?

I couldn't go back to sleep for 2 hours after that.

It's going to me a long day!


Kelli said...

LOL!!!! She must have been half asleep.

John Deere Mom said...

Crack me up! My daugher won't get out of her bed on her own (even though she's finally in a big girl bed!) just screams "MOMMY!" until I stumble in there. *sigh* Kids! :)

Krystyn said...

Oh, yikes...I don't know if I want Izzy to be dry at night or not, if that's the case!

shortmama said...

My 7 year old still gets out of her bed sometimes and comes in my room to tell me something. Last night around midnight she came in to ask me to fix her blankets!! UGH!!!

Emily said...

Jack used to do that until I finally convinced him that it was OK to just go into the bathroom by himself, go, and then get back in bed!

Kasey said...

kids are funny aren't they! was she still half asleep. My little man does some pretty crazy stuff when he's still half asleep!

Carie said...

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Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Oh, Lauren, that's awful! That would have freaked me out -- I might have to start wearing pull-ups at night if my daughter did that! :-)

heidi said...

Well, it's funny but more than that I'm impressed with Libby and her nighttime pting! WOOHOO!!!