Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear guy too busy singing along with the radio,

You know that stop sign in front of the crosswalk outside of Publix?


While I am sure that you are indeed the next American Idol, save your practicing for the shower. You obviously are not capable of driving and singing your heart out at the same time.

That woman you almost mowed down


Bren said...

Yikes! My dad once was in a crosswalk and a woman ran over his foot! She claimed she didn't see him - RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER CAR!! The newspaper report of the "accident" was quite funny! Hope you are ok!

Emily said...

When will those idiots start watching out for that hormonal woman driving around Tampa!?!?

Ehrenfelds said...

That was a great laugh for Joe and I!

Krystyn said...

You mean that isn't acceptable? I guess I better pay more attention!

(Glad you are okay!)

heidi said...

Seriously? You HAVE to stop for those red signs? Crap, no wonder so many people are mad at me when I drive.