Sunday, June 28, 2009

Whoa, baby! GroBaby!

The new buzz word in the cloth diapering world is GroBaby. I have been dying to try this diaper out so I was stoked when Jennifer at the Natural Baby Company sent me one to try out!

Grobaby is a one size diapering system and the first thing I did was test out the truth to that claim. In my experience with "one size" diapers, the diaper either fits really well on an infant but doesn't really fit until potty training or the diapers fit great on older babies but are incredibly too bulky on an infant. Grobaby truly is a birth to training diaper. Emma Jane wore the diaper on the largest setting.

Even under clothes, this diaper has a trim it!
John wore the diaper on the middle setting. He also had a nice snug fit in the diaper, which really helps contain those blowout poops! Even with the snap-in liner folded down, this diaper wasn't too bulky between the legs!

My next big test for this diaper was absorbency! The snap in liners and boosters need to washed at least three times before use and won't reach full absorbency until ten washes! I am not very patient so I only washed the minimum number of times before testing the diaper. I put the diaper on Emma Jane for her nap without the extra booster. Let me tell you, these things are super absorbent!! Emma Jane is a seriously heavy wetter, but this diaper kept her (and her sheets) dry during her three hour nap! I am going to try it overnight once we get to ten washes!

I definitely plan on getting a few more of these awesome diapers, especially now that they have come out with a snap version!
Check out the Natural Baby Company for more great diapering products!


Emily said...

Buzz words in cloth diapering? hmmm...I'm not sure I want to be that familiar with my children's tushies to use the buzz words! But EJ's fanny does look stinkin' cute in that diaper. JT looks like he's saying, "Um, Mommy, this diaper is purple and I'm a boy!"

Megan R. said...

I liked my free tester so much, I just bought a kiwi colored shell set with an extra set of soakers AND set of boosters! They work really well!