Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is so annoying I can't even think of a good title!

Although to steal a line from my friend, Krystyn "Really? Are you serious?" would be appropriate.

I had the following conversation with Em yesterday morning:

Me: So guess what Brad and I got in the mail today? A notice from a collection agency!!
Em: Please tell me this is not about your cable again!
Me: Oh yeah, it is! Six months later Verizon is an even more annoying thorn in my side!

So here is the situation. Back in November, I called Verizon with a question about my cable bill. After being put on hold or transferred for the eleventy seventh time, I finally managed to talk to the rudest most unhelpful customer service rep ever employed by Verizon. (Actually, I am not even sure he was a Verizon employee. He may have been the delivery boy from the deli that just happened to answer a ringing telephone as he walked by.) Anyways after I f-i-n-a-l-l-y managed to get my question answered I hung up the phone, called Brighthouse and switched my cable/internet/phone service. I was just done dealing with Verizon! Once our new service was established, I returned two cable boxes, remotes and a router to the Verizon service center. (Which was no where near my house by the way!)

Three months go by and I get a bill from Verizon for the router that I supposedly hadn't returned. I called the 800 number on the bill to clear up the mistake and guess what? Apparently Verizon doesn't pay their phone bills because it wasn't a working number!!! So I tossed the bill and forgot about it.

Fast forward three more months to yesterday. I was entirely too ticked to deal with this in a constructive manner (meaning I would have blessed out whatever unfortunate soul happened to take my phone call and solved nothing in the process) so Brad called the collection agency and of course they can't do anything but collect our money. So then he calls up the service center where I returned the equipment and talks to the manager there.

So here is the deal. Verizon, in addition to being rude and unhelpful, is also completely unorganized and inefficient. Apparently on the form the service rep filled out for my return, there wasn't a place to indicate that the router had been returned, only the cable boxes. So it was simply put to the side, forgotten about and never credited as having been returned on my account. Now of course when Brad requested that they check their inventory lists, the router that had been on our account was found in the system. Problem solved.

Even though my very level-headed and rational husband pointed out that this was a simple mistake that was resolved with a phone call, it still makes me mad. I mean, seriously? Because of their stupid mistake, my credit is threatened! Stupid people, and stupid corporations even more so, really annoy me! Verizon is right up there with Target in my book!


Emily said...

yep. Seriously stupid. What's even more annoying is that you'll probably have to follow up now to make sure they actually do notify the collections agency! I mean, it's not like you can trust them to actually do that!

Bren said...

I hear ya - had the same issues with my cable company - charged me $200 for a receiver and took FOREVER to take it off the bill even though they HAD IT! The problem with this? I get to expense my internet service through my job since I work at home but for several months it looked like I wasn't paying. Well I am NOT going to pay for a receiver I no longer have in HOPES they will credit me. I feel your pain!

Summer said...

I'm getting a knot in my stomach and feel like yelling at someone just after reading this post! hahaa....I can't STAND dealing with incompetent customer service reps!!! UGH!

Glad they got it resolved, though....idiots... ;)

Kelli said...

What is it with cable companies. I have the same issue with ours and I've had some customer services issues with Verizon as well. No one communicates with the next person! So Annoying!!!!

Krystyn said...

Customer service is going to crap, lately.

And, I would totally call the collection agency and I would keep track of my credit report for a while.

What idiots...sorry you (and Brad) had to deal with them.

Momisodes said...

Ugh, what a nightmare. I'm so sorry this happened. We had a similar problem with a local cable company here...and we are SO glad to have rid of them.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Doesn't stuff like that make you so mad!! We had something like that happen with our mortgage! After Hurrican Katrina all the banks gave people on the coast a few months off from paying their bills just in case they needed it...we didn't because my hubby was working a ton of overtime...so we kept paying our mortgage every month! Apparently they took that money and just put in our account instead of paying our bill each month. About six months later I got a collection notice and freaked out because we had been paying the whole time and it had just been sitting in our account! Needless to say I was MAD! I'm glad your hubby got it straightened out for you!

Kim said...

When I talk to cable companies, I have started asking- "is this conversation being recorded?" And under my breath saying- "because I need a record of your stupidity!" I hate to tell you that I have been equally frustrated with Brighthouse.

shortmama said...

Our hubs definitely differ here, because I would more likely be the calm one and he would be the ranting lunatic!

Amber said...

Oh girl. I hear you on stupid organizations. And what is UP with the rude customer service reps!? It's called CUSTOMER service, right??

SO glad you got it worked out. I have a few stories like that too, that make me so angry.

Love that you said eleventy seventh. That so sounds like me. lol.

Tonya said...

I've been sent to collections for a hospital bill and it was because the hospital didn't put the right code on the bill so insurance wasn't able to pay it so then they sent us to collections for THERE dumb mistake. If they would of taken the time to look over our bill before sending it to collections they could of saved EVERYone a headache.