Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sale = the shopaholics "light beer"

Generally, I love to shop! Especially for shoes!

But when the reason I am shopping is because none of my clothes fit, it isn't as much fun. I have been wearing maternity clothes since John was born, but they really aren't working for me anymore. I mean, I am obviously not pregnant so it just looks stupid to wear clothes that are obviously maternity!

Now you might be wondering, since I have three kids, why I don't have a stash of "fat" clothes to wear during the postpartum period. Good question! After EJ was born, I did have such a stash. But when she was around 14 or 15 months old, Brad and I made the decision that while we did want more children, we want to wait until EJ was 3 or 4 to have another. So with that decision made, I looked at the "fat" side of my closet and thought, "But some of these things are really cute. Do I really want to wait 3 or 4 years to be able to wear them again? What if they aren't even in style? That seems like a waste." So I packed up all of those clothes, took them to my tailor, and had them altered.

Yes, I realize now that that was stupid.

And then I got pregnant like a month later! ( I could almost hear God saying "ha ha haha ha.")

So hear I am, five weeks postpartum and 25 lbs away from anything in my closet fitting me. An unfun shopping trip was inevitable.

My mom is visiting this week and since she wanted to go shopping and I really needed to go shopping, we loaded up three kids under the age of four and took them to the Loft. (Again, I realize that was stupid.) but despite the chaos of a crying baby and two wild little girls, I did manage to find two cute pairs of capris that fit well that were on sale. (Because I am so not paying full price for clothes I don't even want to have to buy!)

And since no shopping trip is complete without new shoes, I wandered over to the shoe section of the store. And there sitting on the shelf was one pair of really cute coral flats. And when I turned them over, they were my size! And on sale!! 60% off! Woohoo!

So I went to the register marginally pleased with my new pants and super thrilled about my new shoes!

So how excited to you think I was when instead of ringing up for the sticker price of $14.99, my shoes actually only cost $4.88!

I almost wet myself!

Even the worst shopping trip can be redeemed by cute shoes and a sale!


Margaret said...

Those are cute, and what a deal.

Bren said...

Those super duper deals make unpleasant shopping definitely worth it! Very cute!

Emily said...

Woah...that is an awesome deal! And I am so lovin' the shoes...especially since I already have the same ones! lol

Krystyn said...

I hate those shopping trips, too! Uggh...but the shoes definitely made up for it.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

OMG what a GREAT buy!!!

Pam said...

Cha-Ching! What a STEAL! Oh, and by the way, they're really cute, too!