Friday, June 12, 2009

More undocumented moments in JT's life

My sister and I have this joke about birth order and photographs. My sister is the first-born in our family and because of that there are thousands of pictures of her as a child. There are hundreds of pictures of me and three of my brother. And those three were actually taken by someone other than our parents. While this is not specifically true, it is true enough that my mother gets annoyed when we say it.

I always swore that I was not going to let that happen with my children. I made such a conscious effort to take lots of pictures of Emma Jane that I actually have more of her than I do Libby.

But my resolve seems to be falling apart with baby #3. Six weeks into his life, I only have a handful of pictures of JT. And truthfully, most of them were taken by other people! Both girls have extensive baby albums detailing the first year of their lives. I have not even made a plan to start one for JT, not that I have any pictures to put in it anyways. My sis pointed out that he isn't getting very much blog love either. (Her exact words were "So is he not as cute as your other kids?")

Well, yes he is and to prove that he really does exist I snapped a quick picture of him napping next to my desk:

Well JT, I think that with this one you officially have one more baby picture in existence than Uncle Philip!


Emily said...

Too cute...he looks like he's about to slide right off his seat! I love how babies get into the strangest positions! I was worried about not having as many pictures of Charlie so I've taken them like crazy...then I realized that while I have a ton he's in the same spot every time! lol.
What you need to do is post pictures of his room...I need to see that bedding!

Bren said...

My parents stopped with the pictures after my brother (first born)but then decided to start up with my sister (3rd born) so that left me in the middle with very few :(. Oh well! He is a cutie - at least he's comfortable!

Krystyn said...

Too funny. I'm already bad with #2.
He looks adorable...and I love his little legs.

Should we be concerned however, that he appears to be falling out? Nah....I've never strapped Natalie into her bouncey.

BTW, we had that same one, and it practically caught fire. Be cautious.

Kelli said...

It does get harder the more kids you have. Poor Caleb...I try and take as many pictures of him but I'm not always that successful. He looks adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

being the youngest of six I have one (1) official baby pic when I was a year old. I just saw one recently where I was an infant in arms. That's it. As you can see it is important -- I'd love to have them now many years later. It's worth your efforts. I may drive yall a bit crazy with the camera but they may thank me one day. Love the stories about all of them.

John Deere Mom said...

Oh, that's so true! Great pic, though (even if it is only the 4th one!)

heidi said...

Yeah. I actually have more photos of all of them but my SECOND. Because withher we were still using a film camera and never got the film developed. Nice, huh? ANd all i've written in B's baby book is the date of his birth. I official ride the sucktastic train.

And can we PULEASE get a Nobel Peace PRize for whoever invented vibrating bouncy chairs??? Seriously changed the WORLD, that one did. If I had to live without all but ONE baby gadget, that's the one I'd pick, hands down.

CC said...

3 of your brother?! bwhahahahaa!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Oh, Lauren...he's adorable!! I hear you about the pictures dwindling the more kids you have...even though I only have two. ;) Busy times!!

I hope that you are doing well. I know I haven't left a comment in awhile, but I swear that I'm still peaking in on you. ;)

Megan R. said...

I'm afraid of this phenomenon, too. We already have (literally) several thousand pictures of Carson. He knows when Mommy has the camra, to "turn it on"!

Love this pic of JT! The little leg of the side of the chair is SO cute!