Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weight Watchers, Recently Postpartum, and You Mean That Wasn't a Dream?

It's been a while since I have participated in Writer's Workshop. Well, actually, since I have really blogged at all! But I did just have a baby so give me a break!

But I realize that the baby excuse is not going to hold forever, so this week I am jumping back in with both feet!

And the prompts are:

(I am skipping 1 & 2)

3.) How much does focusing on weight affect your daily life?(inspired by Musings Of A Blond Mom)

Oh my weight! I wish I didn't spend so much time focusing on it. I wish I could say that I am one of those people that never steps on a scale but that would be a lie. I weigh myself every morning. I have spent almost 3 of the last five years being pregnant and the in between time trying to reclaim my pre-pregnant body! It has been quite a roller coaster: up 60 lbs, down 65, up 45lbs, down 45, up 50 lbs, down 20 so far. Twice I have managed to lose all of my pregnancy weight gain (which is considerable each time!) And twice I have immediately gotten pregnant again without even getting to enjoy my skinny-ness. (Darn my hubby for being so hot!) I have to keep telling myself that it has only been a few weeks and that last time it took over a year and consistently going to Weight Watchers to do it. I love Weight Watchers! I just wish I didn't need it!

(Skipping #4 too)

5.) List ten things that make you HAPPY.(inspired by our irritation at our own complaining from last weeks "Sick Of" posts.)

I love top 10 lists! Here are the top 10 things that make me happy about not being pregnant anymore:

  1. This little guy:

  2. Pants that zip!

  3. Sleeping on my stomach!

  4. Shaving my legs all the way down to the ankle!

  5. Seeing my feet when I look down!

  6. Holding my other two children on my lap again!

  7. Opening the car door without hitting my belly!

  8. WINE!!

  9. Having my body to myself again!

  10. Oh and did I mention this little guy:

    Because he makes me the happiest!

6.) Ok I was going to end it with five, but Laina just got out of bed as I was finishing this post and I SWEAR she is sleep walking. It's creepy. I keep asking her what she is doing and she's staring at me...but not directly at me...kind of just a centimeter to the left of my head. I KNEW she was a sleep walker. I just knew it. SO! Share a sleep walking story of your own!!(inspired by my scary four year old)

My alleged sleepwalking experience takes me back to a high school sleepover with three of my girlfriends. We had been to a party that night and then came back over to my friend Joni's house and camped out on her living room floor. The next morning when we woke up, I was greeted with "what the hell were you doing outside last night?" According to my friends, in the middle of the night I got up, unlocked the front door, went outside into the yard (it's December, by the way) and just stood there. Joni had to go out and get me and lead me back inside. Of course, being asleep, I don't actually remember doing this so I am not entirely sure that they weren't yanking my chain. I'm pretty gullible. All I know is that during the years of our friendship, in my waking hours, I never once was able to unlock the front door of Joni's house unassisted. It was a weird lock and I never could figure it out. Other than that unreliable story, I am not usually a sleepwalker.

So there you have it! Are you a weight obsessed, top ten list loving sleepwalker? If so head on over to Mama's Losin It and join the workshop fun! If not, head over there anyways and have a laugh at the rest of the crazies!


Nori D said...

I love my babies so much, but I also like the not being pregnant part lol.

Emily said...

I love your top ten list! All those things are on mine too! Really, there are no words to describe how incredibly happy I am to NOT be pregnant!
Make sure to label all of JT's would be easy to confuse him with Baby EJ!

Life with Kaishon said...

I think you look great : ). Your baby is ADORABLE! Congratulations! I love your list of happy things! Especially pants that zip! How cute is that. I like pants that DONT zip! I could live in my yoga pants 24/7 : )

Pam said...

Yes, the baby is definitely the BEST part but a close 2nd is pants that zip! Love the Top Ten List, great idea.

Margaret said...

Your weight sounds just like mine. This is my 3rd time pregnant in the last 5 years. Just as I get the weight off I get pregnant.

I like numbers 1 and 10 on your list.

My son wakes up and gives us the weirdest stare. Sometimes he laughs really weird too. It is creepy. I used to sleep walk all the time. I've out grown it now. My dad said he never could sleep sound, because he was afraid of what I would do to myself in my sleep.

heidi said...

HA! Rob just said the other night that I'm due to get knocked up again since I've lost weight and am working on getting back in shape. It's the way of the world, isn't it? Sheesh.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

That little boy is so cute, and the picture of you together is so sweet. I am also looking forward to sleeping on my stomach and wine! And of course, of course, the actual baby!

Robyn Booth said...

Oh, how I remember the night of sleepwalking!!! Too funny! I think I told that story to someone a few weeks ago! :) Miss ya bunches!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

First, you're adorable...Secondly, at least you know you'll lose weight again...and you're doing great so far. Third, I am a WW girl too, and it has been so great for me. Yay!