Friday, May 1, 2009

A river runs through it

I got peed on today! I was warned by many that this would happen...probably before I left the hospital. I really tried to be careful but he got me anyways! As soon as I took off his diaper I quickly put a wipe over his penis and then cleaned off his bottom. Then put a fresh diaper under him. And as soon as I uncovered him to finish putting on the diaper he let loose!! It missed my face but got me right in the chest! I shrieked and in the absence of another wipe, towel or anything I put my hand over him to block the stream. So he peed (a LOT) right in my hand, but at least it kept most of it contained in the fresh diaper underneath him. Boys are so different! Neither of my girls ever peed on me! On themselves, yes! On me, no!

So, those of you with boys...What other fun things do I have in store for me?


heidi said...

HA! Isn't that fun? One night at the middle of the night diaper change I didn't cover Corbs fast enough and he peed straight up and over and hit sleeping Rob in the face. AH! LOL SO funny. Well, to me anyway.

Boys nurse a lot more, IMO. Both my boys nursed crazy more than both my girls.

Krystyn said...

Clearly, I will be no help:)

Ehrenfelds said...

Just think back to all those phone calls we had :)

Now Josiah will pee in the yard if we aren't careful!

Pam said...

With only 2 girls...I must give a big old "ditto" to Krystyn. Though I can add that I did get peed on by one of my girls.

And though I have no experience nursing babies of the boy variety like Heidi, all I did was nurse my oldest.NONSTOP. For what seems like forever! Good luck with that. If you breastfeed, that is.

Gentle reminder~pictures of the little prince. Please. Thankyouverymuch.

Danielle said...

The best is when they pee when you are lifting the legs to clean their little tush and they pee in their own face. Sometimes revenge is sweet:)

Megan R. said...

Carson has recently discovered his boy bits. They are his favorite toy to grab in the tub. He gives himself a little chubby every night. Fun times!!


Emily said...

heehee...Danielle is right, he'll probably pee on himself at some point. Charlie never actually peed on me, but he did pee on his own face several times...and it totally infuriated him!
Yeah, you're really in for a lot...too many to list actually. The best advice I can give you at this point is to start studying up on all things construction, John Deere, and Bob the Builder related.
Don't worry...I'll be happy to be your "boy help support line".
Very funny post...but we need more pictures!

Tonya said...

I could write a book! I had 8 brothers younger than me and I have 2 sons! Just wait for him to start pulling on his penis it is a built in toy for them. Or when it hurts and it doesn't matter where you are they announce it or he asks you if you have a penis. But I will say that boys are better snugglers then my girls were though they were snuggly too. Enjoy the new world of boys. You will be so happy you have landed here.