Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am totally overwhelmed right now!

But not because of the new baby...he is actually a piece of cake!

And I am not even overwhelmed by the mountains of laundry and dishes that pile up everyday...hubby has been such a huge help and I have fabulous friends bringing us meals so it is not like I have to cook!
And even though I am exhausted, the sleepless nights aren't really overwhelming me either.

It's my computer. Everytime I walk past it, it is just a reminder that I have been neglecting you! And not because I don't have anything to say...I have a running list of blog topics that just keeps getting longer and longer. It's just that by the end of the day when I have a few minutes to myself, I am so tired I can hardly spell blog much less type a whole post.

So here is a bullet-point list of a few of the highlights from our week:

  • On Thursday, Libby's class hosted a Mother's Day party! This was seriously the most fun party I have been to in a while! When all of the mommies arrived we were escorted into the classroom by our children. They had decorated their table with a tablecloth and place settings for each mommy including a flower pot, handpainted by each child! There was also a gift for each of the mommies wrapped in handpainted paper. After opening our gifts, the children served us strawberries, cookies and cheese and crackers. While we ate Libby's teacher read to us some interviews she had done with the kids about their moms. It was pretty funny! Libby said that my name was Mrs. Lauren. (Apparently she and I have a very formal relationship!) She also said that I am 40 years old and that my favorite thing to do is wash clothes!

  • While running errands the other day, all three of my children had a meltdown in the car! Libby, my delicate southern belle, piped up from the backseat and said, "Mommy, we are just wilting like little flowers!" Should I change her name to Scarlett or what?

  • Emma Jane has become a toy hoarder. She will take the pieces to all of her favorite games and toys, put them all in one basket and then refuse to let Libby play with any of it! She also has thrown a few more of her raging tantrums, mostly about bedtime. Apparently she thinks she no longer needs sleep!
  • John Thomas had his first bath at home. It really ticked him off! Although the washing didn't make him nearly as mad as the rub down with baby lotion did afterwards! I guess it was a little cold! Doesn't he look cute in his blue towel? (I am totally loving all of the little boy stuff!)

  • My little man also slept for five hours in a row last night!! Woohoo!! Of course he made up for that by nursing nonstop between 3 and 6 am!

Here's one more picture of my cute baby!

Happy Mother's Day!


Ehrenfelds said...

Joe and I loved Libby's interview answers! Josiah are pretty much the same.

EJ sounds like she may take a little more time to adjust :) but it will happen.

And JT what a sweet boy! I love the picture of you and him.

Emily said...

So precious!! Libby is such a hoot!
JT is a little EJ clone!

martha Bonn said...

My kids still think that laundry is my favorite thing to do! That is why Will continues to bring me his laundry.
I need to get a life.

martha Bonn said...

Be sure and tell Libby that Aunt Martha is bringing her a present next weekend. You to Emma Jane and JT
your best Aunt Martha

Kristin Coppock said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I love reading yours. You are so creative and consistent. I am not very consistent b/c I just don't feel like quite the writer. I love the stories of the girls and John Thomas (i have another friend with a little JT too!) is a gorgeous little boy. His skin is amazing. Do you always use lotion after you bath them? We bathed Eva yesterday but I didn't want to do the lotion in case she was too sensitive still. You are also very brave to post your video! Alabama won't let you tape , but that part was a breeze. It is now, with the sores on the boobs and the slightly bruised spots that is difficult for me! Do you breastfeed? May have questions if you do. More later.

Krystyn said...

Happy Mother's Day!

You're exhausted? I can't even imagine.

But, if you do feel like it/have a chance...I need some info on cloth diapers:)

Now, go get some sleep.

heidi said...

How is it that you look so darned gorgeous??? What IS that? I looked like the backside of a cow after it had dnone it's business, I swear it. You? You look fantabulous, Mrs. Lauren.

And? Aren't boys FUN! I love having boys. Not that I don't love my girls, because Oh..I do. But boys are such special little things.

imbeingheldhostage said...

3 hour nursing stint (ow). You look great, btw!

Did you cry at the Mother's Day party? I would have and I'm not dealing with after birth hormones.

Bren said...

I somehow missed this post of yours so sorry for commenting late! All I can say is the whole "wilting like little flowers" is a saying I am going to put in my back pocket! I can only imagine how it sounded coming from your little girl!