Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I hate Target

This morning I was talking to my mom and I made the comment that I am never going to darken the doorway of a Target store ever again! My mother was slightly appalled and replied, "That is a pretty strong statement. You know you are hormonal, right?"

Yes, I am insanely hormonal right now, but I stand by my statement. I hate Target!! And here is why: Target is a snob and has gotten way too big for it's britches!! Target seems to have forgotten that it is an all-in-one discount store! Target is under the impression that it is better than Walmart!

News Flash: Target, you are not better than Walmart!

Cleaner? Yes
Better? NO!

I went to Target yesterday to buy picture frames for baby #3's room. First of all, Target did not have 8x10 white frames. Seriously? Second, the black frames they had were A. plastic and B. 20 bucks! for PLASTIC!! Wooden frames were closer to $30!!

I left and went across the street to Walmart. (With two small, bored children, btw!)

Now, I also hate Walmart and always have. I think Walmart is dirty, dingy, disorganized and (at least where I live) the employees don't speak English! But I went anyways! Now, Walmart's frame selection was not much better but they were cheaper. The same frame was only $10 at Walmart. But I still didn't buy any because they were cheap and ugly and not what I was looking for. I left the store frustrated and yes, hormonal! I might have cried a little.

Today, I went to Michael's and found exactly what I wanted!! Three white, wooden 8x10 wall frames. They were $14.99, but for actual wood I was fine with that price! So wasn't it a pleasant surprise when I got up to the register and each frame was 50% off. Only $7.49 each!!

So I have decided. I will never return to Target! There is nothing I need that has to be bought at Target. And honestly, I really just don't like all-in-one stores. I think it is unnatural to be able to buy groceries and clothing from the same store. So really, for me, I am not missing much!

Good bye, Target! And good riddance!

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Krystyn said...

I can't leave option is Walmart, or buy tp at the grocery store (which doesn't seem right)...but no groceries at our Target.

And, Walmart is icky here, too! And so very disorganized. Nothing is ever in the logical spot!

Pam said...

I understand where you're coming from. I rarely shop at Target.

Unfortunately, they are the ONLY other store that carries my deodorant other than the rip-offs that go by the names of CVS, Walgreens and RiteAid. If I didn't have an allergic reaction to every other deodorant then I wouldn't be stuck.

And as for the all in one discount stores (i.e. Walmart-which I SWORE I'd NEVER shop at...until I had children and left the paying workforce)that's just a fact of life for me. It's just easier when you have kids and don't have much time for running all over town. Though I would never buy meat from Walmart. That's just gross.

Emily said...

You're welcome. hee hee
And yes, I'm with you. Nothing is worse than Walmart and Target is a close second!

Tonya said...

I've had issues with Target and Walmart but I still tend to go there. OY. Glad you found the frames you were looking for!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Michaels always has the best selection of frames and they are usually always on sale, which is an even bigger bonus. I probably bought those same 2 white wooden frames you're talking about. I think they're still waiting to be used (I bought them on sale)!

Sorry you're not a fan of Target. :( Will you still visit my blog if I continue to shop there? ;)

Hope you have a great start to your weekend, Lauren!!

Luke, Morgan and Ella said...
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Luke, Morgan and Ella said...

Ya know, it's funny that we all dislike Target and Walmart and yet still shop there. I guess it's worth it since you can save so much $$$. You could always try the Walmart I go to in New Tampa, it's MUCH nicer than the one by you (that one is gross!).

Bren said...

I wish I had your choice of either Walmart or Target but in my tiny town we ONLY have a Walmart. Now luckily it is a nice, clean store but it's still Walmart. We make special trips to go to the Target 25 miles away but it is usually only to get Starbuck Frapacinos (think I spelled that wrong) and Earth's Best organic snacks for Mags. They have gotten expensive and I agree with you - they have forgotten they are a discount store = but I still love roaming the aisles.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Ah, Target. I like it. But it definitely has its downsides. Things aren't as "on sale" as they seem sometimes. And if you mention to the cashier an item was priced lower on the shelf, s/he claims it was moved to the wrong spot. It also seems you can't find someone to help you when you need to.

Sometimes you can find good deals on pretty frames at TJ Maxx. I'm impressed you're already decorating the baby's room -- we haven't even started painting y et!

Megan R. said...

Damn! I missed your giveaway! Having a sick Carson doesn't leave much time for blogging or blog hopping. I am with you, I feel the EXACT same way about Target. I used to love them, but now they think they are high and mighty. I hate hate HATE Wal Mart, but at least Wal Mart knows it's trashy. Trashy, but affordable. So, they get my business.

Kim said...

Homegoods? Best place for frames and anything you might put in your house...and it's less than a mile from your front door! I miss it!

Anonymous said...

I really hate to break it to you but Target IS better than walmart. I've worked for both companies and I can say that hands down.I no longer work for either company but when I worked for target, I never had to ask for my break or lunch. It was already pre-scheduled. At Wal-mart...I would sometimes go six hours without a lunch or break. And let me tell you, it's against the law. There are so many illegal practices going on at walmart, you would be disgusted to shop there. Target, while not perfect, does try. But you shouldn't let your crazy hormones dictate what you do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren. I totally disagree with you. Target is a wonderful place to shop. I'd rather step foot in there ANY DAY than in Walmart. In fact, I go to Target almost every weekend, and was in there yesterday. I admit Target can sometimes be a bit on the pricey side, but you can never walk out there and say that you have a product with bad qualiy, unlike at Walmart. The bottom line is that at Target, you can always expect quality, but sometimes for a little more money.

Saidah said...

So, Walmart is DEFINITELY the worst. Period. Okay, except K-Mart, which is an entirely different story (more expensive and worse quality). But Target (while not great quality) is definitely better quality than Walmart. And since I can't bring myself to buy detergent, toilet paper and kitty litter at the grocery store, Target it is. But unless you're buying their most basic house brand, they are very overpriced.

LewisAR said...

Ok you all are very odd people, any way I work at target and they put a lot of pressure on employees to get an un real amount of stuff done so give the "team members" that work their a break while they are ripping you off they are treating the employees wores!