Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rain, rain go away!

It has been pouring down rain all day!!!

Today was Libby's first day back to school after Spring Break, which for some reason automatically meant I was running late. Then the monsoon started just as I finished buckling the kids into the car. As I pondered what fun fun it was going to be to drive to school in this lovely weather, I realized that I am totally out of gas!! Luckily, my husband keeps several small gas cans in the garage for his lawn mower. So half a gallon later, we were off. I managed to back out of my twisty driveway without killing too many of Brad's plants or hitting the neighbor's trash cans that were blowing down the street. Libby got to school safe and sound and EJ and I headed back home since my plans for going to the park were dashed by the rain. It was a rather sad morning. We couldn't go run any errands (because who wants to that in the rain!), we couldn't play outside or go for a walk. Even TV was out because PBS was "experiencing technical difficulties due to severe weather in the area."

So instead, we played with blocks. For over an hour. It always amazes me that the repetitiveness of stacking blocks and knocking them down never gets boring to a two-year-old! I, of course, was bored after five minutes. I really need a better rainy day plan! I don't mind just being at home and playing with my girls, but being stranded makes me stir crazy. And uncreative! What do you do on rainy days?

Poor sad, neglected sand table!


Kim said...

I am finding it hard to feel sorry for you poor Floridians. It has rained here at least 5 days a week for over a month now! Sure everything is green and blooming, but we can't go outside to see it!

Seriously, in case your question was real and not retorical- here is a craft for you. Take a large muffin paper and a small one. Decorate. Glue the small one into the larger one. Add a stem. Presto. A beautiful flower. There is a fun blog that I follow that I got this idea off of. They have tons of toddler things like that. Easy, simple, and I usually have it on hand. www.totallytots.blogspot.com

Krystyn said...

Hmmmm..rainy day? That makes me thankful for daycare.

But, on the weekends, we color, we glue and we cut! Then we repeat!

Momisodes said...

Ugh. I hate rainy days. Especially when there's a long string of them together.

We're pretty sad about our sandbox as well. We haven't seen it since last year!

Emily said...

Yeah...we have had sooooooooooooo much rain lately that we're contemplating starting a craft project called The Ark.

Pam said...

I'm skipping the rainy day talk (because I've had ENOUGH of it myself) and jumping directly to the lack of gas in your vehicle...

If this is your 1st time pilfering gas from Brad's mower cans then, Sister, you will NEVER catch up to me! I've done this so many times it's hard to keep count. It took him awhile to catch on, too.

I just HATE to get gas with the kids in the car. Which by the way, would fall into most of the Quote-Unquote FREE time I have. I guess you know what I mean.

Glad to know I'm not alone in my sneaky gas guzzling ways!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I would be so bored after 5 minutes, too! We've got a lot of rainy days here in Oregon, so we do a lot of indoor play and know the places to go to "get out of the house". Hope the sun is shining now!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Sometimes if it's not too bad, I suit up the boy and let him splash in the puddles.

Or we make a dash for the library, which has a children's play area.

Or sometimes we stay home and paint or make cookies.

But stacking blocks is great too!