Friday, April 10, 2009

Barney makes my kids smarter...

A lot of people hate the big purple dinoaur, but he really doesn't bother me. When Libby was around two and half I realized she knew all about the five senses. But I didn't know where she had learned that. Then a few days later I realized that week's episode of Barney was about the five senses. So I thought, hey if my kid is learning something then that is thirty minutes well spent! Plus it gives me time to take a shower!

As the years have gone by I have come to realize that while Barney might make my kids smarter, he is definitely making me stupider! Because, with the exception of Gossip Girl and Smallville, which we know is draining brain cells, I don't really watch other TV.

Every once in a while, Brad will ask me "so do you even know what is going on in the world?"


And the more kids I have, the dumber I get! This third baby is completely robbing me of all intelligent thought lately. I can't even remember what day it is most of the time! Like, turns out today is Friday! Which usually means a Photo Story Friday blog post. And for the second time in a row I have forgotten. I am not even sure where my camera is right now!

I promise one day, my blogging will get back to normal but it may not be until after baby#3 vacates the premises! There is really no point to this post. It really doesn't even have anything to do with what I started with. I am just sick of being pregnant! I want this kid out of me! And it just makes me tired that I still have three more weeks left!


Krystyn said...

Three weeks will be here before you know it!

And, I still don't have it back!

Danielle said...

I agree with the last comment, I did not regain my mind I simply have more kids to help me fill in the blanks. For example, I could not think of my phone # for the life of me, Caleb turns to the woman and says it. thanks for the help Caleb.

Margaret said...

Thats so true about having kids.

And hey if it lets you get a shower and they are learning something it has to be good.

Tonya said...

The end is always hard because you are so close to holding that baby! Wanted to let you know I gave you an award.

Emily said...

Krystyn's'll fly by. I sympathize feels like forever while you're living it! I cannot wait to meet that sweet baby though!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I'll pray these last 3 weeks fly by!! It's so hard when it comes to the end, and you're just READY!

Happy Easter to you and your family!!

heidi said...

Hey? I had an argument with my 4th grader about past presidents. She was right and I was wrong. SO glad I stopped homeschooling.


My brain just ain't what it used to be.