Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No pictures, just words this Wednesday

My sweet husband sent me the following email yesterday after I had a little meltdown about not feeling very attractive these days. At first, I thought he had written the poem himself. But then I got to line 29. It's the thought that counts though! He did take time out of his day to google baby poems and find one that would definitely make me cry! Here is the email:

Lauren we are so close to having our 3rd baby and I’m so excited about continuing the adventure of raising children together. Let our love be first and foremost to God and each other, and may our children witness what true love is through our relationship.

I love you and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL to me!


A Poem From Brad:

At first you moved

only a little.
I could always find you
right in the middle.

As time went on
you really started to grow.
It wasn't a whole lot,
in fact, it was rather slow.

Before I knew it,
you were all over the place.
It kind of felt like
you were running a race.

People would ask me
if you were a boy or a girl.
I would sit and wonder if
you would have curls.

There are so many things
I really want to know.
But, you are hidden inside,
so the answers don't show.

How much will you weigh?
How tall will you be?
What color is your hair?
Will you even like me?

I hope and pray
you feel like you belong.
I never want you to feel
like you are alone.

Your Dad and I
planned you from the start.
You, my dear child,
were made straight from our hearts.

In about a week or so
I'll meet you for the first time.
For you are the product
of your Dad's love and mine.

There will be no one like you,
not any place in the world.
It really doesn't matter
if you are a boy or a girl.

We are both so happy
that you even exist.
The gender doesn't matter,
you'll be hard to resist.

I hope I make you proud
that I am your mother everyday.
Because you have filled my dreams,
in more ways than words can say.

It won't be long before
I can look you in the eyes.
I can feel the excitement growing
I know I'm going to cry.

Don't worry my angel,
those tears will be of joy.
It won't matter to me
if you are a girl or a boy.


Pam said...

What a sweet and thoughtful husband! I remember having those same feelings back with my two and I DIDN'T get a poem. Glad you did!

Krystyn said...

What a sweetheart!

Margaret said...

That is so sweet. Don't just love when they take the time to do something like that.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

What a good man! He took time out of his day to make you feel special and loved. Such a sweet poem to share!

OK, I'm caught up! I should never let that much time go by without checking in on you... Have a great week!

Emily said...

Awe, so sweet! It took a while, but Brad is learning!

heidi said...

THAT is why we woverlook when they are less then stellar, isn't it? What a sweet thing to do.