Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I meant to blog about this on Monday, but I am a little behind this week!

Back in October, Brad and I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip with our church to Costa Rica. In all honesty, in the weeks leading up to the trip, I really did not want to go. I had just found out I was pregnant again and I was tired and sick and basically just had a really bad attitude about the whole thing! But I had already lined up childcare for my girls and I really couldn't think of a good excuse not to go, so reluctantly I went.

And it turned out to be the most amazing experience! If you have never been on a mission trip, I strongly encourage you to go! It will change your life! And if you have the opportunity to go with your spouse, even better! The experience blessed my marriage as well!

Last week, our church hosted it's annual Global Impact Conference. There were about 110 missionaries from all over the world in attendance, including the missionaries (Mike and Kathy Kemper) and pastor (Jaime) we had worked with in Costa Rica!

Brad and I were blessed to host Jaime (pronounced High-mee) in our home for the week! It was an interesting week considering that Jaime doesn't speak much English and despite my four years of Spanish in school, Libby speaks the most Spanish in our house! (Libby and Pastor jaime did have a rousing discussion about colors and days of the week!) Luckily, the Kempers were around quite a bit to fill in the gaps.
Jaime with the girls

On Friday of last week, our Sunday School class gathered in our home for a presentation about the work going on in Costa Rica.
Mike Kemper at our home on Friday night
Kathy Kemper translating for Jaime
Our class in planning another trip for August 2009. Brad is going and I am really bummed that I can't! I am going to have Brad work on his Spanish before he goes!

Here are a few more pictures of Emma Jane and Jaime. Emma Jane really took to Jaime and she definitely stole his heart. She followed him around whenever he was at our house like a puppy! Jaime taught her to say "Yes Jesus loves me" in Spanish. (Si, Christo me ama.) Emma Jane said it "Si, sis-so ama" It was pretty stinkin sweet!

God is doing amazing things in Costa Rica through Mike, Kathy and Jaime. Please remember them in your prayers! And if you ever have the opportunity to go: GO!


Pam said...

What a great story! Isn't amazing how we can have such a poor attitude and try to bail out on commitments we've made but then are awe-struck when we yield ourselves to the Lord?!

You're not alone in those kinds of situations, trust me!

Emily said...

Wow. Great story and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing that. It looks like the girls did have a great time with Jamie...and that he had a great time with them. And I cannot get enough of Libby's pigtails! Too cute!

Krystyn said...

Despite not wanting to go, I'm so glad you went. What an awesome experience and opportunity.

I went to Nicaragua in 2005...amazing! I plan to do it again...when I'm not pregnant or nursing of course!

How fun to host somebody in your home. It's amazing how well you can communicate without knowing the language.

Tonya said...

What a blessing to host Jamie and have gotten to go on the missions trip. I hope one day to do that with my hubby. My hubby has a funny plan for when the kids get out of the house.