Sunday, March 29, 2009

I heart wool!

A few months ago, I started using cloth diapers and quickly became obsessed fell in love with cloth! Besides being so cute, it really isn't much more difficult than using disposables. After trying pretty much ever diaper on the market, I found my favorites for everyday use: A thirsties All-In-One stuffed with a hemp insert! These work great during the day!

But even though I love my cloth diapers, I was really struggling to find a good nighttime solution. Emma Jane is a serious super soaker! Brad has been known to refer to her as Niagara falls on occasion! Even in disposable diapers, most mornings she woke up wet! I was just about to give up on ever finding a diaper that worked all night when I discovered the single greatest natural invention on the planet: WOOL!!!Here are EJ's wool longies with our favorite Goodmama diaper!

I had heard rumors in the cloth diapering world that wool covers were incredible, but I disregarded most of it. I mean, for one thing, I live in Florida. It would be so hot and uncomfortable for my baby to sleep in wool pants. I was wrong! Surprisingly, wool is not hot at all! Wool is naturally waterproof (when lanolized) and can absorb up to 30% of it's own weight in liquid without getting wet!! As the liquid evaporates it helps keep baby cool!

Now I bet some of you, are thinking, gross, it absorbs pee! But wool is also naturally antimicrobial! It kills germs and literally cleans itself. In the morning, I just hang up EJ's woolies to air out and we wear them again the next night. Absolutely no odors! I only have to wash these things every 3-4 weeks!!

It truly is amazing that I can put EJ in a regular fitted diaper (we like Goodmama's for nighttime), cover them with her woolies and the next morning she wakes up with dry sheets, dry pants and a totally wet diaper underneath!

Doesn't she look happy?!


Margaret said...

Wow. I'm impressed. One of the reasons we don't use cloth diapers is we are afraid of all the leaks. We may have to try them when we have another one.

Pam said...

That's pretty cool.

Emily said...

Woah that is pretty slick...I'm still not brave (or motivated) enough to go for cloth though!

Krystyn said...

Maybe I should get those to go over our disposables! Izzy is a Niagar Falls soaker, too!

Megan R. said...

Oh, I do heart a good cloth dipe post! I haven't tried woolies, Carson isn't a huge soaker. I totally have questions for you:

Goodmamas: Ok, everyone RAVES about them. But I can't get past the $30 or $40 per dipe price tag. What are your thoughts?

Thirsties AIOs: We tried them, but they didn't fit Chunky Monkey right. They were forever leaking at the leg. It was a bummer, I had bought like 8 off of diaperswappers, and I had to resell them.

BGs: I just bought 3 of the new colors BG one size. I'm not a fan. Do you like them?

Thirsties Fab Fitteds: This is our entire stash, plus some prefolds. I really, really like these dipes! Have you used them?

We ended up going back to sposies overnight.