Tuesday, March 10, 2009

(Edited to Add)Fast Times at Ridgemont High the Snellings House

It has been a really busy weekend! I feel like my blog has suffered as a result. Do you think it is a sign of addiction that I am more concerned that my readers might be jonesing for cute pictures and anecdotes of my kids than I am about the laundry that isn't done or the dishes that are piling up or even the afore mentioned kids that I have contemplated locking in the closet more than once in 48 hours? Hmm...

Back to my weekend...It has included a visit from my sister and her family, a double date thanks to my babysitter being available at the last minute, two birthdays, a leap forward in time, and last night. When all hell broke loose. But more about that in a moment. First, the fun stuff!

Now I already mentioned my date to the Cheesecake Factory here, so I can fast forward over that.

Emma Jane and Uncle Pat both had a birthday on Sunday, so of course we had to celebrate! But since EJ is only 2 and Uncle Pat turned an "unknown" number of years, we kept it low key. Just cupcakes and presents on the back porch. EJ loved everyone singing happy birthday to her and she (and Ryan) loved the cupcakes, but presents only held her interest for a few minutes. The big girls opened most of the packages for her. And then played with her new toys for her! Emma Jane's favorite new toy is definitely her big wheel from mommy and daddy. She even "helped" daddy put it together! Here are a few shots of her trying it out. She hasn't quite grasped pedalling yet!

Monday, after a trip to Target, Sis and I took all the kids to the park to burn off some energy. It didn't really worked since only 50% of the children took a nap afterwards. (Even though 100% needed one!) But we still had a fun day, including a dance party courtesy of Ryan.
The children all went down easily enough and the adults breathed a sigh of relief! We should have known it wouldn't last!

Emma Jane, my beautiful, precious, soon-to-be middle child was replaced by a demon-possessed podperson last night! She would not stay in bed! This has been happening for a while but it reach epic proportions last night! She went to sleep fine, but after about 2 and 1/2 hours she woke up and would not go back down! After the third time, I turned off her night light so that she couldn't find her way to the door. (I know, I am so mean!) So she sat in her bed and screamed for so long and so loud that my sister heard her on the other side of the house! And of course, since she and Libby share a room, Libby woke up and had to come and sleep in our bed just to get away for the noise! Finally at 1:30am, I gave her (against my better judgement) a sippy cup of milk hoping that would bribe her back to sleep. It seemed to work. Until 4. Then the screaming started again!! Just to clear up any possible confusion, this crying was purely a tantrum! She was not sick, wet, hungry, etc. She just wanted mommy to sleep with her! I have decided that the attempt to move her into a big girl bed must be labeled as a failure! As much as I was hoping not too, I am going to have to get a second crib because EJ is just not ready for the freedom of being out of hers! And mommy is going to go bald fro pulling my hair out if I don't get some freakin' sleep!
Edited to add: Last night, we were able to borrow a crib from some friends. Emma Jane was so excited she didn't even want to read books last night! She slept all night and so did everyone else! Wouldn't it be great if toddlers could speak clearly? She could have just said, "Mom, I don't really feel secure in the big girl bed. Can I have a crib again?!"

And as if the drama with my own child wasn't enough, Morgan got sick during the night. Really sick! It seemed like she was having an asthma attack, but she has no history of asthma. She was wheezing and having trouble breathing so Sis and I decided to take her to After Hours pediatric care. Now my sweet hubby, who does have asthma and was terrified of being left with the other three children alone in the middle of the night, offered up his own inhaler to Morgan. I had to point out the since she is three and we didn't actually know what the problem was, that probably wasn't a good idea! So we loaded Morgan up in the car and went, only to arrive right after they closed! We opted not to go to the ER. Morgan seems better today. I think all of the pollen around here just got to her yesterday.

I think that is all! I hope this has satisfied your Snellings fix!


Krystyn said...

Thanks for the Snellings fix.

Sounds like there was some fun mingled in with the crazy.

Emily said...

Whew! At least the barf bug didn't make a reappearance! Poor Morgan...I'm glad she seems to be better. The breathing thing is scary...it terrified me the first time it happened to Jack and I'm still get scared with every wheezing episode! Oh, and love the bunny ears!
When are you putting EJ back in the crib? =P

heidi said...

Sounds crazy busy and fun! I do hope little Morgan is feeling much beter today!

Kelly Jones said...

Whew! I'm tired just listening. I hope you get some sleep tonight!

Tonya said...

I dread nights like that! Loved the video of the dance party :)

Megan R. said...

That is one busy weekend! We can lock out little podpeople into a closet together, cause mine is driving me. up. a. WALL!

Christine said...

Oh the memories you're making! I love the stories and photos.... I may be one of the addicted ones; albeit,they are the cutest nieces and nephew that anyone could ask for. Baby snellings has a lot to look forward to and I'm praying that this baby takes after aunt chris by coming early! Thanks for the stories; it helps when you live above the Mason-Dixon line Miss y'all! Love the Bunny Ears!