Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today is a good day!

Today has been a really good day! I don't know why, because I still don't feel good and I didn't get enough sleep. Emma Jane woke up at 4am and got in bed with me and then spent 20 minutes asking for a waffle before she settled down and went back to sleep! (And Brad actually asked if I was going to get her one!) It is not a pretty day today. The morning was cloudy and overcast and it actually just started raining. I am way behind for the week and am trying to catch up on everything I have let go the past few days. I had to miss MOPS this morning and there was a really good speaker this month!

Despite all of that, today is still a great day!!

It is really amazing what 36 hours of NOT being puked on will do for my mood! And EJ did have a wet diaper this morning for the first time in 2 days! Yea! (She hasn't had one since, but I have been shoving the sippy cup in her face all morning!) And she seems to have left that lethargic, listless pod-baby in yesterdayland! She is back to her bubbly, charming, talkative self today!

This morning on the way to Libby's school, I was just listening to the girls chatter about things out the window and the following verse came to mind: "This is the day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it." That simple verse struck me so hard and I am claiming it today! This day, February 19, 2009, is the day the Lord has made! And I am going to rejoice in it, every bit of it! I am rejoicing in errands, grocery shopping, laundry, meal planning, cooking, dishes, naptime, playtime, and even vomit if it chooses to make a comeback! (And it might since I have been letting EJ eat normally today!)

I hope I remember this tomorrow!


heidi said...

I'm so glad EJ seems to be on the mend. Three cheers for vomitless days! Good attitude. Gosh, you'd think I could learn something form you ...whatev. ;-)

Emily said...

I hope you're still vomit free! I love that verse too...

Megan R. said...

Woohoo! Yay for a great day! I am jealous you have a MOPS group. I tried to join, but they turned me down because they were too full! Enjoy your vomitless day!

Krystyn said...

What a great attitude. I think I will embrace it, too (I'm the sick one, here)!

Hope your house stays vomit free.

And, what is it with men wanting to give food whenever the kids want it? Seriously?