Monday, February 23, 2009

It's A Dog!

This weekend my Aunt and Uncle have been visiting from Atlanta. We have had so much fun with them! I will probably spend most of the coming week blogging about our adventures and sharing pictures. To get the ball rolling, let me tell you a Libby story from yesterday:

While on a walk with Aunt Martha, Libby found two little pieces of confetti declaring "It's a Boy!"

She proudly brought them to me to show me that I am having a boy. (I am pretty sure Aunt Martha encouraged that train of thought!) After giving me the confetti, Libby said "But I couldn't find any that said it's a dog! I need to look some more because you know I am having a doggie!" She then proceeded to make a treasure map that would lead her to the "It's a Dog!" confetti!

Anyone know where I can find some of that?

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Megan R. said...

Oh that is too cute!! I love the things that little kids come up with!! YOU think it's a sign??

Megan R. said...

Emily said...

So cute! Libby says the best things!

Tonya said...

That's awesome. I'm glad she doesn't think you are having a dog!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Only time will tell to see if her "find" is right!! :)