Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's been a craptastic day!

My bloggy friend, Heidi over at Sacred and Profane, had a great idea to just let it all out today! She offered her own blog as a place to vent, but I decided to let it all out on my own. What's the point of having a blog if not to vent every now and then! Now I recognize that what I am about to reveal may possibly shatter the illusion that many of you hold that I have "got it all together." Sorry to burst your bubble! Underneath this facade of perfection, is actually a woman whose sanity teeters dangerously close to the edge on a daily basis. And this morning I plunged head first over the edge into the deep dark waters of hysteria and have yet to come up for air!

In other, less dramatic words: I had a major meltdown this morning!

My craptastic day started well before dawn this morning. But before I get ahead of myself let me give you a little background. My older daughter Libby has a really annoying habit of waking me up in the middle of the night, every night to see if maybe the rules have changed and I might let her crawl into bed and sleep with me. So last night I made my hubby trade sides of the bed with me so that he could deal with it when Libby came in. Right on time at 5 am I hear Libby whispering to daddy "can I snuggle with you a little bit?" What I don't hear following that whispered request is my husband saying "no Libby, you need to go back to your own bed." Ten minutes and a lot of loud coughing from Libby later, I finally poked Brad and told him to take Libby back to her bed. And he actually said "why?!"

What do you mean why!! Because it is our bed, made for two people not three, because mommy freakin said so!!! And that is exactly what he told her! "Mommy said you have to go back to your own bed" and she of course burst into tears. Thanks for making me the bad cop, baby!

I am wide awake by now, so I eventually give up on any more sleep and get up. I got myself completely ready and then ran out to the grocery store because I didn't do it the day before and we were out of milk.

Guess what? Publix doesn't open at 7! It opens at 7:30! I don't know why this was the straw that broke the camel's back, but when I saw that on the door I ran back to my car, burst into tears and cried like Libby all the way home! When I arrived home I found that the rest of my darling family were all still sound asleep! Are you serious?? My kids never sleep past 6:30 and yet here everyone was snoozing away at 7:15 on the one day that Mommy couldn't sleep in too! I went into my bedroom, still crying, and very abruptly woke my sleeping mate! I spent the next five minutes ranting to my bewildered man about how the children never sleep in when I am home and I, being 7 months pregnant, am the most tired, etc., etc! When my husband tried to logically point out that the children were not aware that I was up and had gone out for a few minutes, I sank even deeper into my hysteria and sat at the kitchen table sobbing into my hands for several more minutes while Brad nervously fidgeted around the kitchen wondering whether it was time to have me commited!

I calmed down enough to get the kids up, only to have both of them complain about breakfast and whine about the clothes Mommy picked out. After reading them both the riot act, we rushed to finish getting ready and into the car. I dropped EJ at the sitter's and Libby at school and then took myself to the O.B. When I got to my doctor's office I was told that he was at the hospital and would be running about 30 minutes late. This shouldn't have been a big deal since EJ was with the sitter, but since this is a craptastic day wouldn't you know that I forgot my waiting room book in my hysterical haste to get out the door!

So after all of that I got to choke down 50 grams of orange flavored glucose, have two vials of blood drawn and get a shot of rhogam in my butt! Somebody, please give me a cookie!!

Since then, neither child has had a nap, I have had to break up two fights over some stupid toy, sent both children to timeout for whining and there are still two more hours until my husband comes home and he is going to expect dinner when he gets here!

If this was a paid position, I would quit!
For those of you trying to make the connection between the pictures of my girls decorating valentine bags and cookies with their playgroup and my craptastic day, there is none! I just thought cute pictures of my kids might make my rant less obnoxious! :) Hope your day is better than mine!


emily said...

Oh my goodness!! That is a bad day!! I'm so sorry I didn't answer my phone to offer moral support! I promise I won't drop the ball like that again! And the park pictures are super-cute and once again I'm jealous of the short sleeves.

Ehrenfelds said...

WOW! That was definitely a super rough day. And I totally feel your pain, every irritating whinny minute, the yummy glucose surprise (mmm!), and the dr. being late. YUCK! It always seems to happen on the same day.

BTW those are great pictures of Libby and Emma Jane at the park. I pray tomorrow is better :)

Krystyn said...

Yikes! I thought I had a rough day.

Both girls got up at 5:30am this morning FOR GOOD!

I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

My wish for you is that tomorrow is a MUCH BETTER day!! We, as moms, can get so overwhelmed by even the little things, but those little things can keep adding up and I 100% relate to the breaking down (although I'm not pregnant at this moment).

I love that you added pics of your sweet ones in the midst of your rough day. It puts it in perspective that even though we have bad days, we are so blessed to have such sweet little ones!

Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog...


oh my you all look like you had no fun at all. was it terrible have to create and think of what clever things to do , lol .. come on it looked like a blast I so wish I was there to join in the fun fun fun.

heidi said...

Yeah, you win. Your day sucked. It was definitely craptastic. Craptabulous, even. Stupid Publix. Who doesn't open at 7 am? Bunch of morons. AND your favorite pie shop closed? For the love of PETE how can you be expected to even FUNCTION normally? I tell ya, being pregnant and exhausted on top of it all means that you should get a free trip to a spa for a pedicure. Tell Brad I said so.