Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!

It is really cold today!

(I am pausing so that all of you who live outside of the state of Florida can roll your eyes.)

But seriously, it's cold! This morning when I got in the car to take Libby to school my handy rear view mirror thermostat didn't even have a number on it. It just said ICE! I thought that was really funny since it did freeze last night. My poor pathfinder has never been so cold!
Since the temperature did drop below freezing last night my husband, the obsessive gardener, took every extra sheet out of the linen closet as well as the sheets off of my guest room bed, to cover his precious hibiscus trees and several other wimpy tropical plants.

I really do love my husband to pieces and I appreciate that he takes pride in our yard and works hard to make it beautiful. (And I really, really love that he doesn't make me help! I do not have a green thumb!) But seriously, is it worth the two extra loads of laundry I will have to do just to save some high maintenance yard art! Not to mention that my front yard looks like it was invaded by ghosts last night!

Oh well, enough complaining from me! I am going to go make some hot chocolate and snuggle with my baby under a blanket! (Until she gets bored and demands that we do something fun, that is!)


emily said...

I totally did roll my eyes and then laugh at the though of you and Brad "tucking" your plants in for bed. lol

Krystyn said...

That is too funny! We never cover our plants...and thus, we have brown wilty plants.

Extra laundry? No thanks. I can't keep up already...between potty training and explosive diapers, I will not be adding anything else.

Kim said...

Thank you for pausing for the eye roll. The high today is 18. I so miss, Florida!!!

There is no need to cover plants here. No one has plants that survive the winter. NOTHING SURVIVES!! (I am begining to wonder if that includes us!)

Ehrenfelds said...

I agree with Kim! I too am wondering if we will survive :)

Hey here is a blog that I think you might find interesting

Wayne said...

Well it dose sound quite cold out there in florida. Here in england its so cold that I think I saw a polar bear running past the house last night lol.

Great pictures and Thankyou for following my blog.