Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

11th folder


September 2007

11th picture

This picture (11th folder, 11th picture) was taken while watching this year's SEC championship game between Alabama and Florida. Of course, my girls were rooting for my alma mater, Alabama. Roll Tide! But since we live in Florida, most of our friends are Florida fans so we really had no choice but to watch the game with a few. Only Libby's little friend, Bekah, could make a Gator jersey cute! Although Alabama lost that game, we still had a great time with our friends!
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Flashback - the first kiss

It's Flashback Friday time! Or it was yesterday. I am a little slow with the blogging this weekend. This week Danielle is asking us to describe your first kiss! To quote Danielle, in order for this kiss to count "I wanted to kiss him, he wanted to kiss me and we liked each other." That does not apply to my first kiss at all!! Even so, let's pretend it was a fairy tale moment.

Once upon a time in the land of pre-adolescence, there lived a princess of tender years. (I was all of 11 or 12 years old!) One night at a royal ball (okay it was actually movie night at a friend's house) the young princess had a romantic (yeah, right) encounter with Romeo's younger brother, Dorko! Okay, enough with the fairy tale telling. Actually, it was this guy whose name I have blocked out that had a crush on me. At some point during the movie, everyone else just happened to have to go to the bathroom at the same time! I was too naive to smell the set-up at that time! It took all of five seconds for what's-his-face to start trying to suck mine off! He actually tried to slip me the tongue! Ewww! (Of course, I have since gotten over my initial revulsion of french kissing, but at the time I was appalled!) I quickly pulled away in disgust! And that was pretty much the end of that! We definitely did not live happily ever after! I never actually spoke to him again.

I told you mine, now you tell me yours! Visit Danielle to sign Mr. Linky and read about everyone else's embarrassing first kiss!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

PSF - Rock-a-bye Baby

Today we found a b-i-g UPS box on our front porch and inside was a handmade blanket for each of the girls:

Emma Jane wouldn't get off of hers so that I could take a picture! The blankets are so cozy and soft! The girls immediately curled up in them right on the dining room floor!

They are so snuggly! I think everyone is going to sleep well tonight!

Thanks, Nana!

PhotoStory Friday
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Where have all the babies gone?

And who are these big kids that have taken over the playground? I know you are dealing with it. And so are you.

I mean, when did this sweet, tiny baby become this grown up little person! Surely it hasn't been that long!
And what about this one? This picture was just taken a few months ago, wasn't it? How can she already be here?

And even this one has become this in the blink of an eye!
It is going by too fast! I just want to freeze time so I can enjoy them being small just a little longer!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Not to toot my own reproductive horn or anything (maybe just a little), but seriously, how cute are my kids!?

If you think my kids are cute too, please validate my need for attention by leaving a comment!:)
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Tickle Monster & other odds and ends

So when I told Libby last week that Aunt Martha and Uncle Ed were coming to visit, the first words out of her precious little mouth were, "And she is going to bring me a present!" I was torn between whether to laugh or to reprimand her for having the gimmies. Of course, Aunt Martha did in fact bring a present: a copy of this book

complete with a set of Tickle Mitts, which instantly transform the reader into a Tickle Monster!

Uncle Ed, who is the official Tickle Monster in our family, happily donned the mitts and read the girls their bedtime story! Emma Jane was hooked with the first tickle and became Ed's little shadow for the rest of the weekend!

I wish I had taken my camera out to dinner with us on Saturday night because she all but sat in his lap the entire meal! Watching her watch him with those adoring puppy eyes is one of the sweetest things I have witnessed recently! My own father passed away several years ago and I hate that he isn't here to know my girls. He would have been the best granddad! But moments like this make me so thankful that I have four amazing uncles who are more than happy to fill the very big "granddad shoes" left by my father! (And for those of you that don't know me, please don't read this and think "oh, those poor girls have no grandfather", because they do! My husband's father is awesome and my girls LOVE pawpaw! This is strictly written from a maternal side of the family perspective!)

Uncle Ed with Libby and Emma Jane

Libby and Aunt Martha had a really good time making cupcakes! Libby did the pouring and stirring of the ingredients all by herself! Unfortunately the cupcakes were really not good! I think it was the recipe though. We got it out of the March issue of her High Five magazine. Any fellow High Five subscribers, don't bother making the lemon cake. It is gross! Here are a few pictures of the process (which is really the most important part):

and because no job is complete without cleaning up:

The Aunt Martha fun did not end with cupcakes! Today Martha picked Libby up from school and took her out to lunch and shopping! Libby came home from a fun outing to Target with a new headband, Barbie sunglasses, a new spring outfit and St Patty's date plates for her teddy's birthday! EJ also got a coordinating outfit and sunglasses! Here is Libby is her new things! How cool is she!

The following picture has nothing to do with our visiting relatives. I just think it is funny seeing the things that Libby picks up from Mommy! She already prefers to breastfeed her baby dolls rather than bottlefeed them and apparently she is also taking up babywearing! She wore Elmo like this all afternoon:
I think she is going to make a great mommy someday!
And since Emma Jane loves to be the center of attention, she requested that her picture be taken as well:
That's all from us right now! Any other aunts, uncles or grandparents that want to come visit are welcome! We don't want the fun to stop!! (All aunts, uncles, or grandparents do have to be related to us!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rain Drops on Roses...

As part of Kasey's Friend Makin' carnival - she's given us the task of listing 10 of our favorite things. Brad and the kids are not on this list because I think I have made it clear how I feel about them!

So here are 10 of my favorite things: (in no particular order)

1. Twilight, or more specifically Edward. (Is it wrong to be in love with a fictional character?)
2. Thirsties cloth diapers. These things rock and they are so cute too!

3. Peanut butter. I have an almost unnatural love of peanut butter! Has anyone ever seen that episode of Friends where Joey suggests Monica and Chandler serve "peanut butter fingers" at their wedding? I have eaten peanut butter like that before! minivan. I know it is not cool, but let's face it: I stopped being cool the second the stick turned blue! And there is nothing more fun than my automatic door openers!

5. the Melting Pot. Fondue is so good! If it wasn't really hot, I would actually lick the pot at the end of the chocolate course! Mmmm!

6. fun purses. My favorites are Big Buddha and Amy Kathryn bags. And I am loving that Amy Kathryn makes diaper bags too!
7. the Loft. I could spend millions of dollars in there! (If I had millions of dollars!)

8. naptime. I never realized how much I love naptime until my older daughter stopped taking one!

9. Showers. L-o-n-g, HOT showers!! By myself, without little faces pressed against the glass asking when I am going to get out!

10. bottled water. I know some people think it is just expensive tap water and it may well be, but to me it tastes better! (And I always recycle!)
What are 10 of YOUR favorite things? Head over to Kasey's and join the fun. :-)

It's A Dog!

This weekend my Aunt and Uncle have been visiting from Atlanta. We have had so much fun with them! I will probably spend most of the coming week blogging about our adventures and sharing pictures. To get the ball rolling, let me tell you a Libby story from yesterday:

While on a walk with Aunt Martha, Libby found two little pieces of confetti declaring "It's a Boy!"

She proudly brought them to me to show me that I am having a boy. (I am pretty sure Aunt Martha encouraged that train of thought!) After giving me the confetti, Libby said "But I couldn't find any that said it's a dog! I need to look some more because you know I am having a doggie!" She then proceeded to make a treasure map that would lead her to the "It's a Dog!" confetti!

Anyone know where I can find some of that?

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flashback - The First Encounter

My IRL friend, Danielle, has issued a Flashback challenge! She wants to know all about your first date with your spouse. Since I love telling this story, I am happy to oblige!

Now before I can tell you about our first date, I have to tell you how we met.

Way back in the fall of 2002, I moved to Atlanta, GA for my first post-college job. At this time in my life, I was over dating! Done with it! I had just spent the last 4 years dating for the sake of dating and I was through! Fully prepared and ready to spend the next few years enjoying being single, focusing on my students and my recently recommitted walk with God! I even told my father that I trusted his judgement and was not opposed to an arranged marriage! (Okay, I think I have made my point. Back on track now!)

So with this attitude, I joined a church and a small group and made some incredible friends including Emily and Stephanie. Every Sunday night, the church I was attending had a singles group called Impact and that quickly became part of my weekly routine!

But before I go any further I have to give you a little insight into my personality. Because sometimes I say things that make complete sense to those that know me but sound totally off the wall if you don't. I tend to judge couples out in public based on how they look together. Not on their physical appearance as individuals but more on whether or not they look good together. Basically if I couldn't picture how a couple's children might look I questioned their compatibility. I know that it makes no sense but I am telling you this because I had a habit of judging random guys on whether I thought we would have pretty kids. Not that I wanted to date any of these guys, it was just one of those quirky things I said and those that knew me were used to it. I am giving you access to this embarrassing piece of information because it is pertinent to my first encounter with my hubby. Don't worry, Brad does come into this story soon!

So one night at Impact, I was talking to my girlfriends when out of the corner of my eye I see a tasty piece of man candy across the room. I think my mouth actually dropped open! I remember grabbing Emily's shoulder and saying "Wow, now he and I would definitely have beautiful children together!" Emily, being used to these comments, glanced over and said "Yeah you're right, let's move closer so you can see his nametag. Maybe we can talk to him." Well, I didn't get to talk to him that night. And the next week, he wasn't at Impact. Or the week after that. After a month, I had all but forgotten about him.

One Friday night, I was out with my girlfriends. (Now usually I say Brad and I met at a restaurant, but lets be was after 10pm in Buckhead on a Friday night and a band was playing. While East Andrews may serve food during dinner hours, it was for all intents and purposes a bar!) Brad was also out with some of his friends at this same establishment and our groups paths crossed. I spent several minutes talking to a guy who looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite place him.

And then the lightbulb went off!!!

I extracted myself from the conversation and went to find Emily. The following conversation took place:

Me: Em, do you know who I was just talking too?
E: Some cute guy.
Me: No, i was talking to Brad!
E: Okay, some cute guy named Brad.
Me: No, I was talking to BRAD!
E: (lightbulb) You mean beautiful children Brad!!!
Me: Yes!!
E: So why are you over here talking to me when you should be talking to him!!!

Good point!

So I rejoined the group and, not wanting to be to obvious or forward, spent equal time talking to everyone. Poor Brad spent the better part of the night not sure whether I liked him or his friend Mark. He ask for my number anyways and a week later we had our first date!

He took me to a trendy little restaurant in Midtown called Apre Diem. This was one of those restaurants that is so dark you can hardly see the menu. As I was looking over the menu, Brad announced that he was getting the tortellini. The cheapest thing on the menu. I did not know at the time that he wasn't being cheap, he just actually really likes tortellini! I of course didn't want to order something more expensive than him, so I ordered tortellini too. And didn't really enjoy my dinner! Afterwards we went to a movie. Brad graciously let me pick the movie. A decision he has come to rue! I picked Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and since then it has become a tradition that Brad has to go see every Harry Potter movie with me. He hasn't read the books and can't keep up with the story so he usually sleeps during the movies.

I had a great time on our date and by our second date I was head over heels in love with him! (He didn't quite feel the same about me yet, but that is another story!)

Want to share your story too? Visit Danielle and sign Mr. Linky!

Friday, February 20, 2009

OMG! I am 30 weeks pregnant!

Where has the time gone?! I am going to have a new baby in ten short weeks! Maybe less! *fingers crossed*

I remember when I was pregnant with Libby 4 years ago and feeling like it was the l-o-n-g-e-s-t nine ten months of my life!! I seriously thought pregnancy would never end! Was it just the anticipation of my first baby and the unknown that made it seem long? Was it the agonizing two months spent on bed rest that made it drag on endlessly? This time it has just flown by and I am feeling very unprepared! When it hit me that "oh my goodness, I am in the home stretch!" I immediately called up my BFF for moral support, as always. She had none to give! In fact, her exact (smug) words were "You know why you are feeling unprepared for this baby, don't you?" To which I immediately responded "Yes Emily, I know it is because I don't know the sex this time!" {insert sarcasm}

She laughed and then said, "Well I feel very prepared for your new baby!"

Seriously, why am I friends with this girl?!

Oh right, because she is totally awesome and I love her!!

Awesome Giveaway in honor of baby Cora


It's Freebie Friday at Sacred and Profane!

This week Heidi and her friend Sara from Domestically Challenged are supporting Cora's Playground, in honor of a beautiful baby girl who died of cancer. Sara has purchased 2 items from the Etsy shop, where the proceeds go to build a playground named in her honor. You? You get to have the beautiful items. Win/Win!
So, what are the items?

A fund has been put together to raise money for a playground in Cora's honor. If you don't know who Cora is, you can click on her name to go read her story. It's a heartbreaking story, be forewarned. People on Etsy are donating the proceeds of their sales to help build this playground. Sara? Sara has gone ahead and is purchasing a few of these items to give away in her Friday Freebie. So you can go enter to win and know that whatever you win? The money to purchase it went to a good cause.

To enter just click here and leave a comment!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Favorite "Little" Man

I love my two little girls more than I ever imagined possible! But there are two other children on this planet that I love just as much!

Who are they?

My sister's kids, Morgan and Ryan. I am blessed with a sister who is also my friend and because of our close relationship, I am close to my niece and nephew! And I love that my children and her children are not just cousins. They are friends too!

Ryan, Morgan, Libby and Emma Jane at Thanksgiving 2008

Today I am giving a little blog love to Ryan. He is the only boy of this generation in our family and it's tough being the only boy! (I'm assuming, since I have no personal experience with being the only boy.)
Ryan holds an extra special place in my heart because not only is he my nephew but he also shares my birthday! On July 27, 2007 I received a phone call from my brother-in-law to wish me a happy birthday. Since my sister was not due for another 3 weeks, it didn't occur to me that the phone call was anything other than birthday wishes for me. And Pat did not correct my assumption! We chatted for several minutes about how I had spent my day and then Pat said, "Oh, I am going to have to call you back! We're at the hospital and Catie is having a contraction!"

*dial tone*


Two hours later, I got the best birthday present: Ryan!

Seriously, how cute is this kid?!

Not only is Ryan supercute, he is also enormous!!

He didn't appreciate that comment!

He's only 18 months old but he weighs as much as my almost 4 year old and is nearly as tall! His pediatrician expects him to grow another 4 to 6 inches by his 2 year check up in July! That is more than my kids grow in a year! If his rate of growth holds, by adulthood he should be 6'7'', 300lbs. I see professional football in his future!

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