Saturday, January 31, 2009

Traveling with Toddlers

Really early yesterday morning (and by early, I mean according to Libby "Mr. Sun is still sleeping, Mommy) , I loaded my girls into the van to go on a little roadtrip. For the next 8 hours, we drove the 600+ miles to Atlanta to visit our good friends, the Powells. This trip was made in honor of Melody P's 2nd birthday and without my husband. (I know, what was I thinking!) I actually spent a good portion of the drive thinking "How did parents do this before vehicle DVD players! I am sure we wouldn't have made it past Ocala without Miss PattyCake! And Mommy wouldn't have made it past the driveway with my ipod shoved into one ear so that I didn't actually have to listen to Miss PattyCake! For those of you not familiar, Miss PattyCake is actually a wonderful resource. She is a christian character who teaches biblical values through stories and songs. My girls absolutely LOVE her! In theory, I love her too, but unfortunately, Miss PattyCake has this high-pitched, nasaly voice that after about five minutes, makes me start praying for temporary hearing loss! So while my kids sang along to pint-sized praise and worship, I sang along to the opposite: Britney Spears! (Did I just admit that? Yes? Well, here it goes: My name is Lauren and I am addicted to teeny bopper music! Do they have a support group for that?)

We finally made it to Atlanta after just a few quick potty and food breaks and an abbreviated nap in the car. Since then, the girls have had so much fun playing with Jack, Melody and baby Charlie. And Mommy has had so much fun playing with Emily!

Other than a few instances of "that's mine!" from Emma Jane and Melody, the kids have gotten along great! Libby and Jack have always played and shared well together, but we noticed a new dynamic to their friendship with this visit. Both being first-born children, they are on the bossy side and both are very talkative! (And by talkative, I mean neither one shuts up from morning until night!) Most of their conversations consisted of telling the other one (who is too busy talking to be listening anyways) what to do, how to it, when to it, why the way it is already being done is wrong, etc, etc, etc!

After a fun day of playing with friends, Jack and Libby got to have their first official sleepover in the same room with sleeping bags and everything. It was quite an experience for all involved! Hop on over to Emily's blog for the full story, including pictures!

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heidi said...

How fun!!! I'm glad youhad a good trip.