Saturday, January 10, 2009

Summer or Winter?

We are so glad to have our cousins visiting from New Hampshire this weekend! We have been having so much fun playing together, but it is obvious we live in opposite parts of the country. The weather has been in the mid-seventies this week and according to Morgan that is "a hot day." My children disagree!

To cousin Morgan, Florida means summertime and Libby's house is all about the pool. At first Libby was sure it was too cold to swim but by last night Morgan had worn her down and even Lib was asking to get in the pool. I told the girls the could stick their feet in. That was fine for a few minutes but the next thing I know both girls have stripped naked and Morgan is splashing around! Libby quickly realized that Mommy was right about the water being too cold and she got out. Emma Jane and Morgan thought the cold water was worth being able to play in the pool. Emma Jane stayed in so long her teeth were actually chattering. I made her get out when her whole body started shaking and even then she protested!
Emma Jane and Morgan having fun in a frigid pool!

Here is a video of how cold EJ was. You can see her little blue lips chattering!

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