Thursday, January 29, 2009

PSF - Are you a tourist?

Going to the beach during the winter months just to people watch is really fun for me. (I know, weird!) It is just so obvious who is a local and who is a tourist at this time of year.

Those of us who are from the sunshine state, start to get a chill as soon as the temperature drops below 80. By the time it reaches 65, we are downright cold!! (Anything below 60 is considered freezing and on those days Target is bombarded my moms trying to find last minute jackets and sweaters to keep their kids warm during the freak cold snap!)

For those that live in parts of the country where the average winter temperature falls in the negative numbers, we Floridians are clearly wimps that don't know what real cold feels like! (That is probably true!) I am sure the snowbirds traveling to the beach to escape temperatures hovering at -30 are practically melting in the mid-sixties "heat wave" we have in January. Which is understandable when you do the math. It is a difference of almost 100 degrees!

I still think it is funny to watch the locals bundled up in their jackets (myself included) watching the vacationers splash around in the cold ocean like it is the fourth of July!

These people are clearly Florida natives:

These people are NOT!!

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Alexandria said...

Oh my goodness lol. I'd be the one on the beach lol. Awesome post :D

Michelle said...

LOL! I live in southern california so I know what you are talking about!

Krystyn said...

That is hilarious! I think I would probably be bundled. I don't like being cold (unless I'm pregnant)!

Chris said...

That is hilarious! We get the same thing in Utah, when people from the warm states come for a winter visit -- it's 40 degrees, but they come dressed for forty below.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Love this! I found out just how quickly ones temp can change when we went on our cruise. It was way cold up here in the frozen north of MT, spent 7 days in the sunshine sweating our bums off. When we got back to Florida, it was not really cold out, but we were sure chilled!

Cathy said...

That is great! I'm from MS, and 60 degrees is cool, but I love it! Summers are humid and miserable!

Bridget said...

ha ha ha how funny!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

I can't believe I came across your post today. My family and I just visited Tampa last week. We were freezing! Yes it was a lot warmer than our midwest home, but we were frantic trying to find coats and jeans. We stayed at the beach anyway and I was shocked to see people in bikinis and kids in swim trunks. I had my kids bundled in winter coats! LOL! We had a blast and loved Clearwater Beach the best. It was beautiful.

And because I can't stop dwelling on the event, when we returned home the 600 photos of the beach I took were included in my computer crash. I have only a few pics now of our trip. I will remember the water though and of course I loved the smell of the salty sea.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Susie said...

ah Lauren, such a great post and I would trade my right arm to sit on a beach and let you locals giggle behind my back--any day.
especially since I just made it through a winter blast with -30 degrees myself. NO FUN WHATSOEVER.
oh well. at least some people are sort of warm right now.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that I would be the one on the beach, I live in Manitoba, Canada, and we have just had two months of -30 to -45. I'd be wearing my bathing suit and working on a tan!!