Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Party Suit

Libby is many things: sweet, funny, talkative, tenderhearted, etc. One thing she definitely isn't though is modest! She prefers her natural state and if I let her she would be naked all the time! Many times I have put her down for her nap fully clothed only to find her an hour and a half later snuggled up under her covers, sound asleep and butt naked! On the days she does manage to make it through naptime without stripping, by the time dinner is over she has had enough of being dressed and the clothes come off. One evening last week after undressing she danced around the living room singing "I'm in my par-ty suit, I'm in my par-ty suit!" over and over. Brad had tried to teach her the phrase "birthday suit" and she got confused! But the funniest thing Libby has done naked recently has to be her naked concerts. For the past several nights Libby has been putting on concerts in the buff. She will get out her instruments, make Mommy and Daddy sit on the couch and she will play and sing her little heart out until she runs out of songs, all without clothes! Last night she was sitting in a relatively modest pose while she sang so I took a picture. I also had a really cute video of her singing Jesus loves me but at the end of it she did something rather unladylike so I am not going to post it!

Emma Jane joined in at the end too. Thankfully she kept her clothes on!

I know at some point (and many of you may think that point has already come and gone) I am going to have to put an end to naked time, but she just does the funniest things. I really just want her to stop growing up so fast!

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