Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

For those of you that don't know my Libby, she is very tenderhearted and nurturing. She is sort of a little "mini-me" and by that, I mean she thinks she is the mommy too! I have heard it is common for first born children to view themselves on an equal level with mommy and daddy at this age. Libby definitely thinks that the three of us are in it together to raise "our" baby, Emma Jane. Her caretaker tendencies are not limited to her sister though. She wants to take care of everyone: dolls, friends, even mommy and daddy! One time during my first trimester, I was so tired I just couldn't even pretend to play with them so I sat down on the couch to watch my girls play together with some toys. The next thing I know, I wake up to find that Libby has covered me with a blanket and is giving me a kiss on the forehead! Around that same time, I was very sick. My sweet Libby started having sympathy sickness! Every time I was ill, her tummy mysteriously starting hurting too! She took these sympathy pains a step further when she announced one day that "my doggy is making my tummy so hurting!"


Libby proceed to explain that I had a baby in my tummy but she had a doggy in hers! That's right, my three-year-old believes that she has a dog biscuit in the oven! My husband and I thought this was hysterical so we didn't correct her. I mean, what is the harm in her trying to understand Mommy's pregnancy by being "pregnant" herself. Well Libby started telling everybody, and I do mean everybody, about the doggy in her tummy! She told our pediatrician about it and poor Dr. L thought she was talking about a sick pet! She shares all kinds of details about it too, such as her doggy is really tiny but growing everyday, her doggy doesn't eat dog food yet but eats what she eats so healthy food is really important, her doggy can move around but is still too little to bark, etc. The amount of knowledge that my daughter has about pregnancy is probably not completely appropriate, but she has had so much experience with it in her short life, it really isn't surprising! Like I said, my husband and I have never discouraged Libby about the doggy in her tummy, but yesterday I realized that maybe we should have! While in the car, Libby hit me with this:

L: "Mommy, do we have a doghouse for my doggy?"
Me: "A doghouse? What do you mean sweetie?
L: "You know, Mommy...a doghouse for when my doggy comes out of my tummy!"
Me: "WHAT?!" (in my head, of course.)

With all of Libby's experience with pregnancy, I probably should have realized that she didn't think that doggy was going to stay in her tummy forever. She still remembers when I was pregnant with Emma Jane and that one day I went to the hospital and the doctor took Emma Jane out of my tummy and she came home to live with us. Of course she thinks that someday her doggy is going to come out of her tummy and come home to live with us!

I believe Charlie Brown said it best.

"Good Grief!!"

(So how many of you think I am going to have to get my daughter a puppy?)


Danielle said...

Good Luck with that! Just what you need a new baby and a new puppy :) Maybe she will settle for a stuffed puppy.

Krystyn said...

What a sweetheart. Personally, I would wait on the puppy. I like Danielle's idea of a stuffed one!

And, Isabelle really is a nurturer, too. It is so cute and sweet.

Gwendolyn Crumpton said...

That is by far the cutiest story! I agree with the stuffed puppy. I am sure you could even find a cute little toy dog house too! Your family is absolutely adorable and your blog is very entertaining!

emily said...

That is so sweet. I can't wait to see Libby (and EJ) tomorrow and hear all about her doggy in the tummy. lol. She and Melody can snuggle together all weekend! Personally, I'm with Danielle on the stuffed puppy idea (even though you're not into stuffed animals)...however, if you got a real dog, would you let Libby name it? LOL.