Monday, January 12, 2009

Dad of the Year

We were so sad to say goodbye to our cousins, the Caseys, this morning. Although not at sad as they were to go back to 15 degree weather and a fresh blanket of snow!

I have to give a little public shout out to my brother-in-law, Pat. On Friday, the first day of their visit, I really needed to go to the grocery store but the weather was so beautiful the children wanted to go to the park. So I decided that I would drop Pat and the two older girls off at the park and then Catie and I would run to the store with the two little ones and then come back and let them play for a little bit too. But of course, as soon as Emma Jane saw the park the started itching to get out and run around. Pat offered to watch all four children so that Catie and I could go do the shopping. My sis and I were instantly skeptical about the wisdom of this idea and spent several minutes debating the options. Finally Pat wore us down. I believe his argument was something along the lines of "I can handle this. Even if one of them falls and breaks a bone, I am qualified to fix it!" (He's an orthopaedic surgeon.) So Catie and I reluctantly left him with four children and went to the store. We quickly returned less than an hour later and found Pat standing between the swings and the slides, surrounded by other mothers, calmly watching as our children played happily. Pat told us later that the mothers at the park could not stop commenting on the fact that he was watching four kids by himself and that he was not even stressed about it. And when the women found out that he offered to do it so that his wife and her sister could go shopping by themselves, as he put it, his "stock went way up." I am sure that when we go back to the park this week, I will hear tales of the superdad with four kids!

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Anonymous said...

Pat is super impressed with how pimped your blog is. He's waiting for the post about all the funny jokes that rubbed off on your husband.