Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Children's Garden

We spent a fun Saturday morning in Sarasota, just an hour south, at The Children's Garden. We met up with a friend of Catie's from high school, who she found through facebook. The kids had a great time playing dress up, "watering the weeds" (Morgan), and exploring the enchanted gardens. And because no outing is complete without it, we ended the day with lunch at Chick fil A.
Libby's extreme fashion sense!!
Libby and Emma Jane all dressed up
There's a new sheriff in town!
Morgan and Libby
Emerson and Emma Jane
Catie and Holly DuBois

Feeding the kids (and Brad) at Chick fil A!

Ryan and Emerson

The end of a very fun day!!

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emily said...

Love the pictures! I'm so jealous of all the short-sleeves! And it cracks me up how EJ fell asleep apparently trying to escape her carseat!