Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

Does anyone remember the Richard Scarry book "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go?" That was a favorite from my childhood. I loved that book so much, my dad nicknamed me Lowly Worm. My mother has held on to our old copy even though it is literally falling apart at the seams and several of the pages are missing.

I couldn't help thinking about that story as I watched my children playing outside yesterday. They definitely fall into the category of "things that go!" Here are a few videos of my kids "going" in the driveway. (I realize that statement could be taken more than one way, but I couldn't think of another way to word it!) This first video is Emma Jane driving her little tykes car. She prefers reverse to forward as you will see. At not-quite two, she is already a little speed demon behind the wheel!

Next, is Libby riding her bike. She has gotten so good at pedaling by herself and she also loves to go fast!

The girls have so much fun playing outside. This time of year is so nice because it is not hot and we can play outside for more than 5 minutes at a time!

But for me, the best part of this vehicle themed day was the addition of my new car. I have joined the ranks of the minivan mommies! Brad and I have been discussing the need for a van for a while now. It seemed like the most practical option for our growing family, but we wanted to wait until we found the perfect one. Yesterday we found it!

A 2006 Town and Country Limited, fully loaded with under 15,000 miles! Brad and I absolutely love it!!

The girls love it too!

Quick funny story about power sliding doors: This morning I took Libby to school for the first time in the new van. When it was my turn in car line, I hit the button to open her door and...NOTHING HAPPENED!! I started to have a mild panic attack because I was holding up the line, when the parent volunteer who waiting to walk my child in to school yelled through my window "You have to put the car in park first!"
Has this happened to anyone else? I hope it is not just me!


Kim said...

Ok, this makes me laugh. After almost 5 years of driving a minivan with power doors....I often still forget to put it in park before opening the door. I hope you will remember a little more often!!

emily said...

Love the new ride!!